Tips To Give Your Traditional Dresses A Modern Look

Ever been to Indian weddings where you want to stand out with a touch of modernism, looking bold, classy yet nailing the Indian look?  Creating an aura of oneself by dressing up a little away from the crowd, someone who loves to have a modern look. Vibing to the mood of the function. Be it for a family gathering, dinner, […]

Ways To Pamper Your BFF After They Announce Their Wedding

We all know the bond between a bride and her bridesmaids. Since the bond itself is extra special Wedding, you, as a bridesmaid yourself, might want to show your BFF how special she is to you when she announces that she has gotten hitched.  A part of you might tug the string of jealousy because now you will have to […]

Tips And Tricks For A Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding-Weddings is a great affair or shall we say that weddings are the biggest affair of a person’s life, especially in India. For us, weddings are not just a function instead; they are a joyous moment that the people involved in it are going to cherish lifelong. And as an Indian wedding holds such a pertinent position in the […]

Top 15 Latest Bridal Mehendi Designs To Try Now

If you are an Indian, we are sure that you are also always celebrating something. Like, we can say that it is a specialty of India and all the Indians. We are never out of reasons to celebrate. First of all, there is no specific wedding season. Yes, in some months the weddings count exceeds the number in other months, […]