Trending Wedding Vow Quotes

Trending Wedding Vow Quotes

The concept of exchanging wedding vows on your special day was foreign to Indian weddings until now. Nowadays, the Indian wedding isn’t only about Mehendi and lehengas. It is also about promises that one soulmate makes to the other. The trending wedding vows are a celebration of the mutual love that would-be partners have for each other. 

Your wedding vow can be cheesy and mushy poetry you have copied from a mutually loved film. It can also be an emotional or a fun reminiscence of your togetherness. Trust us when we say that saying wedding vows to your soon-to-be better half can make the wedding day even more special than it already is. 

Without any further ado, let us tell you how to convey your feelings to your soulmate on an auspicious day like the wedding day. 

Trending Wedding Vow Quotes
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A list of some of the best and trending wedding vow quotes to help you pour your heart and soul out to your partner – 

The best way to spill your emotions out to your would-be spouse is by taking inspiration from your favorite wedding film or sitcom where the most adorable characters tie a knot or confess their love during the ring exchange or garland exchange ceremony.

A compilation of five trending wedding vow quotations inspired from TV shows from all over the world – 

  1. FRIENDS – 

Are you wondering how you can rephrase the wedding vow exchanged by Monica and Chandler from the eminent sitcom FRIENDS? Don’t worry because this list is the perfect solution to all your dilemmas. So, keep swiping up. 

  • Let us suppose you are the Monica of your love story. You can write down the vow like this – 

Whether you discover your soulmate is up to your pre-destined fate. I don’t know if it was kismat or a mere coincidence, but I somehow turned to you for comfort. And, look at us now. Here we are, about to get married. Lucky me!

  • If you are the Chandler of your love story, you can note down your nuptial vow in the following words – 

Everybody goes through nervousness on their marriage day. However, when my eyes flickered on you walking down the aisle towards me, I forgot that I was jittery. I just knew I am in love with you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.

Trending Wedding Vow Quotes
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  1. Grey’s Anatomy – 

The next tv-series that we are taking inspiration from is the most popular series among people of every age. It is Grey’s Anatomy. 

  • If you and your partner are similar to the Meredith and Derek of Grey’s Anatomy, then redo this vow at your wedding without thinking twice. 

There will be days when our togetherness will be suffocating us to death. At times, you will get pissed off at me and vice versa. But, make sure that neither you nor I leave the heated discussion and walk out of the situation. We will discuss and communicate because it is a lifetime of togetherness that we are talking about.

  1. The Fosters – 

If you have watched the family drama called The Fosters, you are surely in love with Stef and Lena. Their bond is something that everyone desires to have with their partners. 

  • You can recreate the wedding vow given by Lena at your wedding in the following words – 

I promise to be with you and keep looking out for you. Don’t worry about falling down and having no one to help you get up because I will always be right behind you. I am simply fascinated by you. 

  • If you don’t like the way Lena has poured her heart out, you can always take inspiration from Stef. Just say the following sentences in a soothing voice – 

Now that I have managed to find you and I am going to be united with you for the entire lifetime, I feel blessed and grateful enough to let our friends and other family members witness this monumental unification of love.

Trending Wedding Vow Quotes
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  1. Big Bang Theory – 

Most of us have either started watching or completely watched Big Bang Theory at one or multiple points in our lives. So, how can we forget about the vows exchanged by Bernadette and Howard when we are discussing all the examples of trending wedding vow quotes. 

  • Like Howard, you can also say – 

I wasn’t prepared or ready enough to imagine my entire life with only a singular person. That belief changed immensely when I met you. Now, I can’t think of spending my entire life with anyone but you. 

  1. How I met your mother

Your life isn’t worth living if you haven’t watched either or both FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother. 

  • If your partner has the qualities of Marshall, then you can say the following lines inspired from Lily at the ceremony – 

It may be a rare situation when a spouse makes the better-half laugh and smile always. It is easy to feel safe and loved but it is tough to laugh with each other on most disturbing days. And you do make me feel all three. You make me the happiest and that is the best part of being with you.

Trending Wedding Vow Quotes
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What are the top five shortest yet most romantic wedding vow quotes for your male partner? 

  • I want you to share your half-burnt caffeine with me. Tell me about how you had a long commute to your office and then while coming back home, you realized you have forgotten the house keys. Share it all with me so that I can make you feel better. 
  • Don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that all my stress and anxiety fades into the humdrum of life whenever I am with you. So, today, I am going to marry you and let all my worries blend with the background noise of life. 
  • As we begin our married life today, your dreams coincide with mine. What you wish for is what I wish for from now on. My life is going to be built and grown around yours. 
  • There will be moments and minutes slipping away from the cusp of our hands. However, one thing that will never slip away from my grasp is my indelible love for you. With the passing of every minute, my love for you will deepen and darken. 
  • Love demands patience. Love demands passion. Even as we converse in silence, I promise to be extremely patient with you. You are all I will ever need and want. I will carry you when you will stumble down. I will hold you in my arms when you will feel saddened with deep-seated grief. In a nutshell, I will be with you always just like the ring that I have given to you. 
Trending Wedding Vow Quotes
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What are the top five funniest yet trending wedding vow quotes that you can replicate on your wedding day? 

  • You know how I much love watching cricket, right? So, on days when I take care of you without watching the ongoing ODI series, you must realize that I love you with all my heart. 
  • I am going to say I do to you today. However, I don’t intend to convey that I promise to act as the dishwasher every night. 
  • I will love you passionately as long as you aren’t attached passionately to my credit card and debit card. 
  • I promise to take our future dog out for a walk every day even if I forget to take you for an outing. 
  • Although my hair isn’t as long as yours, I promise to pick up all the strands of hair from the floor as if they are mine. 

Tips on how to write some of the most trending wedding vow quotes for your special day – 

  1. Don’t pick up a language through which you can’t convey the raw meaning as naturally as you want to. 
  1. Try talking about how you see the relationship as. Trust your instincts and be vocal about your love. Don’t wait for a better time to convey the feelings. There won’t be a better time. 
  1. Tell your partners what you love about them. Make promises which you can keep. 
  1. If possible, write the wedding vow in the form of a mini letter of confession. 
  1. Lastly, please don’t wait till an hour before the ceremony to note down what you want to say during the vow exchange. 
Trending Wedding Vow Quotes
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The bottom line – 

Here was our list of trending wedding vows for you to help you out as you write down your own vows. Hopefully, you will find these vows to be as eloquent as possible. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that your promises shouldn’t be exaggerated. Rather, they should be simple yet full of love. 

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