Ways To Pamper Your BFF After They Announce Their Wedding

Ways To Pamper Your BFF After They Announce Their Wedding


We all know the bond between a bride and her bridesmaids. Since the bond itself is extra special Wedding, you, as a bridesmaid yourself, might want to show your BFF how special she is to you when she announces that she has gotten hitched. 

A part of you might tug the string of jealousy because now you will have to part ways and share your best friend with another person. However, another logical part of you would decide to spend the time you both have left to be together into various ways of pampering your BFF. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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The dilemma over how to pamper my BFF right after she announced her wedding date – 

There is nothing more exciting than your best friend’s wedding. It might be a little overwhelming for you because you will be engulfed with a whirlwind of emotions since your BFF is your living soul mate. 

Right from gushing over which bridal Mehendi outfit and jewelry you should make her wear to acting like you can’t believe the wedding is happening, your days till the wedding day are bound to be hectic and crazy. 

However, amidst the fun and hassle, you have to keep in mind that this wedding event will probably be your last time to surprise your BFF, pamper your BFF, and make her feel loved, cherished.

So, if you have found yourself in a rut over how to send mushy gifts and pamper your best buddy before her wedding, you have stumbled upon the perfect place. We will provide you with doable ideas only. Hence, don’t whine, please! 

Should I wait for an occasion to give a gift to my soon-to-be-bride best friend? 

Let us be honest. There are no ideal occasions for gifting something to your best friend. There can be traces of monsoon in summer, right? Similarly, you can also give a gift to your closest friend, aka your BFF, without waiting for the appropriate season.  

Having said that, if you are looking for the perfect time to gift something to your engaged friend, there is nothing better than a pre-wedding shower of love. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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Why are gifts important? How much should I spend? 

A gift is a gesture of profound love. You don’t have to spend thousands to spoil your BFF right after the wedding date announcement. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure your soon-to-be-bride best friend gets the message of the declaration of your love for her. The plan is to invest as much money as you can afford to shower the maximum love you can. 

You can buy gifts online as well if you don’t find the perfect gift for your BFF in local shops – 

Now that we have covered why pampering your BFF is important amidst the chaos of wedding preparation, let us talk about where you can buy the mushy gifts to surprise her. 

If you can’t find the gift you want to give in all the shops near your place, you can say ‘yes’ to buying a gift from an online shop. There is nothing wrong with that. The intentions have to be correct. The place doesn’t matter. Right from Ferns and Petals to eBay, the gift can arrive from anywhere. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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What are the factors to be considered while picking up pampering gifts for your BFF from any online forum? 

  • Make sure the online gift hub delivers to the location of your BFF’s doorstep. 
  • Make sure there is a valid return policy. 
  • Make sure that there are no limitations on delivery time slots because there might be a scenario where you would want to surprise your BFF with a gift right at midnight. 
  • Make sure the collection is extensive and varied. 
  • Lastly, make sure the payment mode isn’t complex. 

What are some of the sentimental ways to surprise and pamper your BFF after she announces her wedding plans? 

  1. Gift her a customized and lovey-dovey hamper – 

It doesn’t matter what your best friend is crazy about. Be it fashion or make-up products, be it books or travel journals, the ideas for gift hampers are countless. 

Does your BFF have a fetish for trending bridal fashion accessories? If yes, then putting together a fashion accessory gift hamper for her wedding can’t beat any other idea that might have crossed your mind. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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  1. Gift a hand-me-down item or something DIY – 

A gift with a personal touch or a gift that has sentimental value attached to it is the best thing to use to pamper your ‘sisters before the misters’ best friend. It can be as simple as a handwritten letter letting her know the position she holds in your life or you can hand over your favorite family heirloom. 

You can also make cards or craft objects with your hands and gift them to her. For example, you can try making a jewelry box. The value of DIY gifts can’t be measured. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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  1. Book her a spa day or take her out to the place where you two used to hang out a lot – 

Girls adore spas, don’t they? Wedding preparations bring stress into the lives of the bride as well as the bridesmaid. There are a lot of things to tackle within a short span of time. So, to de-stress and feel relieved from all the build-up of anxiety, you must gift yourself and your best friend a spa day. 

If a spa day doesn’t do the job you aimed for it to do, take her to your favorite hang-out spot. This will cheer her up and you two can bond over nostalgia. Some memories will be refreshed and your bonding will strengthen. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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  1. Help her with the endless shopping and turn that shopping day into a sleepover – 

Do you what is the equivalent of wedding preparations? It is called a shopping spree and that load to carry out the spree seamlessly is heavier than anyone can imagine. So, since you are aware of your BFF’s likes, dislikes, mood swings, and pretty much everything, share her load by giving her a hand with the shopping. 

Being there for your best friend verbally is easier than being there physically for her during the wedding rituals and preparations. Be there for her every step of the way, literally. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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Also, if the shopping time crosses your night curfew, then turn that long shopping day into a chilled, fun sleepover of two besties. There is nothing that can spoil her more than an entire night of togetherness right before she starts a new life without you guiding her all the time over chats and phone calls. 

  1. Surprise your BFF by gifting her a date with her soon-to-be-husband – 

The bride and groom hardly get some alone time when the wedding rituals and functions begin. So, why not hand over a date night to the couple so that they can spend quality time together? It would rekindle the dormant romance and your best friend will worship you forever. 

Trust us and try out this way to pamper your BFF after the announcement of her engagement reaches your ears. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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  1. Surprise your bestie by decorating her room with polaroids of memories and so much more – 

If it is not possible to take out the bride for the best friend’s lunch or a visit to the old barn where you played every evening, then we suggest you organize a special memory lane visitation right in her room. How to decorate the room of the BFF turning into a bride soon? 

  • Place balloons all over the room because everyone is fond of balloons. Moreover, if you want to add a little bit more surprise and shock to the entire arrangement, you must let her walk over the balloons wearing heels. 
Ways to pamper your BFF
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Just picture this scene – she will be dressed in a beautiful, stylish red dress. There will be balloons at every step of the entrance to her room. Her heels would poke the balloons causing them to burst. This will continue till she opens the door and walks in to find the memory lane hanging on her wall. 

Hopefully, this grand gesture of yours will make her feel like a princess walking down the aisle. There can’t be a better way to spoil your BFF. Is there? 

  1. Plan a theme-based bachelorette party for your engaged BFF – 

Do you want your BFF to fall in head-over-heels love for you again? Your key to getting that love is arranging for a bachelorette party. The party has to be based on a theme. For example, you can do a film or tv-based costume party, just like Halloween night. 

Right from using goodies to arranging a variety of cocktails and mocktails, your job is to make every part of your BFF’s party as fun as possible. 

Ways to pamper your BFF
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Our last message on how you can pamper your BFF when she gets hitched – 

Your best friend is special to you. No doubts there. So, why not make her feel special right before she walks towards her new life? Give her something she can remember you with. Give her a reason to not forget you after she gets married.

Frankly speaking, these ways to pamper your best friend won’t backfire. Instead, these tips will make your bond stronger and long-lasting. 

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