Believing in Better: Robin Hsiao and Gate Sports Agency

  The opportunities and the challenges for young athletes are greater than ever before, particularly when it comes to international ones. Content creator Robin Hsiao is immersed in the intersect where these factors all meet. Her work as a part of Taiwan’s Gate Sports Agency has focused Robin’s work on illuminating this very specific demographic through online documentation and promotion. Inspiration […]

Walking the Artist’s Path with Zoe Zheng

  It’s hard to place a label on Zoe Zheng. She’s a designer, an animator, a filmmaker, among numerous other creative outlets that are in the quiver of her skillset. Those who have collaborated with her will not only expound on her remarkable talent but also the unique manner in which her mind works. Zoe is proof of the concept that […]

Producer Phil Donnelly Revels in Modern Day Music Diversity

 Music is more of a canvas than a vocation for Phil Donnelly. Depending on the day or the season, you’ll find him on stage in front of thousands with the Damian Lewis Band (yes, the award–winning actor and musician known for films like Quentin Tarantino’s multiple Oscar winner Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and HBO’s Primetime Emmy Award–winning series […]

Miles Alexander Teller Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

Image Credit Pinterest Miles Alexander Teller is an American musician and amazing American actor. He is a promising actor who has done some amazing work. In this article, we would be discussing the life, net worth, and other details of Miles Alexander Teller.  Birth On 20th February 1987 Miles Alexander Teller was born. He is an American actor. And a […]

How Roberto Garza Gamez Created a Piano Virtuoso for I Wish

Artists propel each other to new heights. Creativity is like a fire that begins with an initial spark that ignites others. This explanation certainly applies to the film I Wish. This 2016 production is worth your time due it’s highly original perspective. Filmmaker Zixian Ouyang is known for his unusual concepts and plots. The second film which he has worked […]

Producer Samantha Gao: Zenaida’s Dream Achieved

  Zenaida is a film which displays that the way in which you tell a story is just as important as the story itself. The reasoning behind why things occur the way they do and why people’s actions have meaning; these are what makes a film unique and intriguing. As producer of this film, Samantha Gao not only possessed the skills […]

The Modern Day Nashville Dream from an Australian Perspective

  When Cameron Mee left everything behind in Australia to pursue his lifelong dream of breaking into the American music scene, he was prepared with years of pushing his skill and creativity to the limit. Present day confirms that this was less of a gamble and more likely an eventuality that the Aussie guitarist would find himself eagerly welcomed by numerous […]