Rebecca Grass: Sound as a Spiritual Practice

Watching a film is entertainment but it can be so much more. Through the medium we can experience unfamiliar places and people. We can find ourselves in settings that are more than unusual, they are impossible to access by any other means. Storytelling is transportive and can inspire, elevating the heart and mind to explore. Those who create these vehicles […]

What Are the Hidden Dangers of Unsigned Firmware?

Code Signing technology has been here for multiple decades now to authenticate and verify the originality and source of the software or firmware provider. It’s one of the security measures organizations take, but there are still some dangers lurking around. Modern computer users have become software security-aware people and have implemented all the necessary precautions like firewalls or antivirus. This […]

Politically Poignancy in Death of the Virgin

A young svelte woman in her early 20’s pirouettes gracefully around a room, the picture of poise and grace. Moments later she is face down in a toilet, anguish on her face. A voiceover relates her aspirations and dreams of the future. These are the first few moments of Death of the Virgin; a film which takes an unusual perspective […]

Creadev’s Alexia Lingart Explains Investment in Innovative Food Companies

Alexia Lingart is passionate about creating a better system for the production of healthier food and a positive impact on the environment. Hand in hand with this goal is a better standard of living for those whose livelihoods comes from providing this food. As a Venture Capital Associate and Finance Expert specialized in food entrepreneurship and agritech investments for Creadev, […]