Things You Must Know Before Buying Fire Sprinklers

Things You Must Know Before Buying Fire Sprinklers

Buying Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are one of the most important fire protection systems that should be installed in every home, office, hotel, gym, etc. Basically, they should be installed in every domestic and commercial building due to their fast and automatic turn-on mechanism. Since fire can spread extremely fast, and damage almost all your belongings in an instant, it is necessary to have fire extinguishers and sprinklers. While extinguishers have to be manually operated, sprinklers have built-in sensors which can automatically trigger the sprinklers and start spraying the water. This can come in handy as the water can effectively control or even extinguish a fire. While some owners do not prefer sprinklers due to the water damage, here are some facts which might change your mind.

i) Fire sprinklers are heat activated

One of the most common misconceptions about water sprinklers is that they are smoke-activated. For this reason, some owners may prefer not to have them installed in their house or office. The idea is that since they are smoke-activated, any smoke can easily trigger the sprinklers and cause a lot of water damage. However, this is entirely false, as the sprinklers are actually heat-activated. Traditionally, an automatic sprinkler will activate within the range of 135-165 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes sure that the sprinklers are not activated by just any smoke, and that they do not accidentally get triggered during warm weather.

ii) Fire sprinklers are individually activated

Another common misconception is that all sprinkler heads activate together whenever there is a fire. This is not true, each fire sprinkler has a glass plug containing a glycerin-based, colored liquid that expands with the rise in temperature. Thus, the water is only released when the liquid heats and the glass bursts. This makes sure that only the sprinklers that are experiencing excess heat from the fire get activated. There are several types of pipe systems which deliver the water to the sprinklers, and only in the deluge system, all the sprinklers are activated together. This type is only used in locations where the fire can spread extremely fast. Although they are automatic and individually activated, they need to be turned off manually. Usually, the fire department does this for you, however, it is good to know how to turn off these systems by yourself. There is a control valve which controls the water supply to the sprinkler head, and you just need to shut that valve to stop the supply. 

iii) Fire sprinkler heads come in a variety of designs

The design of the fire sprinklers, and how they protrude out of the ceiling is yet another reason why they are avoided. Homeowners and offices want to keep their surroundings attractive and minimal and sprinklers coming down from the ceiling can look a bit out of place. However, they are important life-saving equipment, and they should be installed in all buildings that are 55 feet high or more. It is now a necessity to install these systems. Fortunately, there are a lot of different types of sprinkler heads being supplied by Dutco Tennant to fit all types of buildings. 

  • Standard Sprinklers: These are the most simple type of sprinklers available. They are simple and reliable as they use the glass bulb feature. They are usually compact in size and can be used in all types of situations.
  • Concealed Sprinklers: These sorts of sprinklers are used in high end gyms, luxury hotels, and luxury apartments. The sprinklers are completely covered by a plate so that they do not contrast the aesthetics of the room.
  • Flush Type Sprinklers: These sprinklers, as suggested by the name, sit flush on the ceiling. They look premium, and although they are not concealed, they match the aesthetics of the room very well.
  • Fusible Type Sprinklers: These are sidewall sprinklers which protrude from the walls instead of the ceiling. These sprinklers are very simple and effective and are used in hard to install areas such as, mechanical parking buildings, hotels, and escalators.

iv) Fire sprinklers need to be bought from trusted suppliers

Lastly, the most important thing when it comes to buying sprinkler systems is the suppliers. Since these are life-saving appliances, the systems need to be high-quality with no chance of failure. Dutco Tennant offers premium-quality, aesthetically pleasing sprinklers which work all the time and can save you a lot of money in damages. Buying from a reliable supplier is a must, and Dutco Tennant has been one of the top suppliers in the middle east and the GCC region for over four decades. When you choose us, you not only choose the most top quality products but also our years of experience in this industry.

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