7 Best Weekend Getaway Resort in Bangalore 

7 Best Weekend Getaway Resort in Bangalore 

Resort in Bangalore


Holidays make you think of spending a memorable and relaxing time somewhere you find your peace, so if you are thinking of your weekend plans to go somewhere, then wait, we are going to give you the top 7 resorts in Bangalore where you will make your perfect holiday with your family and friends. So get ready to go for an interesting weekend in Bangalore. Now you may wonder which resorts in Bangalore make your holiday special and make you feel comfortable there, so don’t worry, you will get all your queries solved here. 

In this article, we will see the 7 most popular resorts for your weekend plans in Bangalore. 

Weekend in Bangalore:

Weekend trips are like when we are bored by our daily life schedule and want to have fun and plan to travel somewhere we can spend our holiday without any stress and forget our stress, then you should plan for Bangalore. Banglore is a city that is not a mess like Mumbai, and this city has many places where you can spend your time in luxury. There are many popular places on the top list in Bangalore, and many tourists have visited, so the rating is very high. 

Resorts are completely fine in Bangalore because you will get many more facilities and good services in resorts. You will be provided with the best hotel rooms, and the scenery outside the room is also good. You will get a lot of space in your room with all the amenities that will make your holiday perfect for you. You will feel comfortable just like you feel at home because resorts are designed in such a way that no one should get into any trouble; they take care of everything. 

Whatever you need, they make it up to you. Now definitely, you must be thinking of going to the luxurious resorts of Bangalore, where you will get all the things you need, so plan your budget for these well-known resorts and have fun.

1 . Windflower Resort and Spa :

This is the popular resort in Bangalore that offers you the best rooms and best room services. Whatever you need, they will make it available for you. The staff is very helpful to tourists, and they provide help to everyone. This resort is made with very artistic designs, and the advantage of this resort is that you can enjoy your spa here. You will get a relaxing massage, which will give you the best feeling and all your tiredness will be removed, so you must have a spa here and enjoy your weekend. 

This resort is a very short distance away from Bangalore and it is easy to reach in weekend holidays, and one more specialty of this resort is there is a swimming pool and you can enjoy swimming here and not only this there are many other things that you can enjoy if you are keen for trekking then you can do here and if you want to stretch your legs that means do some exercise then you go for cycling.

2 . Guhantara Resort : 

By its name, you would have understood why the name of the resort is Caves. That’s the specialty; Guhantara resort gives a special touch to the resort. The rooms in this resort are designed in such a way that the caves are made; they are perfectly styled in that way; they have an incredibly unique big g and the walls and furniture are made in such a way that you will feel that you are in a cave.

 3 . The Golden Palm Hotel and Spa :

The Golden Palm Hotel is the perfect combination of luxury and spa. This resort is a big villa in which there are many rooms where you can share your space comfortably. This resort has many facilities for you to enjoy in your rooms, and you can even enjoy different activities, such as playing golf. The interesting thing that you should do here is archery, one of the best games that can increase your concentration.

 4 . Wonderla Resort:

The resort in Bangalore will give you the best time to spend your holidays here because it is just an amazing place. If you visit here, you will see the beauty of this resort and how beautifully it is made. This report has been designed in a modern way, and all the rooms you will see are made very minutely by keeping all things in mind. 

In that way, they are made so that the tourist visit should feel good here. Other things about this resort are that you can play games here and you can also go to the amusement park because it is very close to the resort. You will get to eat delicious food here, and most importantly, you can enjoy the special spa at this resort. 

5 . Discovery Village : 

Discovery Village is the place where you can enjoy games like zip lining, and this resort is located in a place where you can enjoy adventurous activities like rock climbing. Isn’t it awesome for your best weekend? You can enjoy swimming here, and the staff is very helpful to customers and takes care of their needs. 

 6. The Tamara Coorg :

The Tamara Coorg is a well-known resort that has cottages for stay, and this resort is near beautiful scenery of hills where you can enjoy the natural beauty. Even though you will enjoy the rooms that have balconies, the view of beautiful nature from there is just amazing, so for a perfect holiday, you can come here. If you are a nature lover, then you must come here to go for walks around the hills and other scenery.

7 . Shilhaandara Resort: 

One of the most iconic resorts in Bangalore has incredible beauty and is surrounded by beautiful views of valleys. The resort has eye-catching scenery around it. The advantage for families is that it has private cottages. 

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