List Of Top 10 Low-Cost Shoulder Replacement Surgeon In India

List Of Top 10 Low-Cost Shoulder Replacement Surgeon In India

shoulder replacement surgeon

Shoulder replacement can be an overwhelming term for someone who is undergoing severe damage to their shoulder joints. It is crucial to know everything about the surgery before undergoing it in a hospital. This will not only suffice your knowledge but make you mentally ready for the procedure ahead. Moreover, you need to consider a few factors before going for the procedure, such as your orthopedic, hospital’s proximity, and shoulder replacement cost in India. Here are the top ten low-cost shoulder replacement surgeons in India.

Dr. S.K.S. Marya

Dr. Sanjiv KS Marya has a rich experience of over 30 years in the field of Orthopedic Surgery. His expertise lies in joint replacement surgery and trauma management. To date, he has performed more than 15000 joint replacements of shoulders, hips, knees, fingers, and toes joints. Dr. Sanjiv is also the recipient of various esteemed awards for his contribution to the medical fraternity.

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

He is one of the most experienced orthopedic surgeons in India. He has experience of more than 32 years and has completed 25000 joint replacements to date. Moreover, he has been a surgeon to various famous sports personalities such as Pullela Gopichand. Dr. Rajgopal has also served as the honorary surgeon to the President of India.

Dr. IPS Oberoi

He is considered one of the top orthopedic surgeons in India. With 25 years of experience in this field, he has completed more than 7000 surgeries with a 97% success rate. He is one of the few doctors in India who are trained in arthroscopic surgery for labral tears of the hip.

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Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Dr. Pradeep is a revered joint replacement surgeon with over 40 years of experience in joint reconstruction surgery and joint replacement surgery. He has been credited with various fellowships from the UK and is an active participant in many orthopedic meetings all over India. Dr. Sharma is also a member of the esteemed Indian Orthopedic Association.

Dr. Naveen Talwar

Dr. Naveen has experience of 30 years and is considered one of the best orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons. He has expertise in performing complex and advanced orthopedic surgeries. Many medical journals have his scholarly articles published in them. He is a member of many renowned associations in India as well as other countries.

(Prof) Dr. Anil Arora

He is a Guinness World Record holder and also has his name in the Limca Books of Records. Dr. Arora has experience of over 30 years with 10000 successful joint replacement surgeries. He is an internationally renowned surgeon who has pioneered PINLESS Computerised Navigated joint replacement in North India.

Dr. J. Maheshwari

Dr. Maheshwari is not only a renowned joint replacement surgeon but has been a professor of orthopedics in AIIMS, Delhi. With a career of over 35 years, he has successfully completed more than 5000 joint replacements. His specialization lies in full-spectrum shoulder and knee surgery. Dr. Maheshwari is also the author of the best-selling textbook ‘Essential Orthopaedics.’

Dr. Vinay Gupta

Dr. Gupta is a highly skilled and experienced joint replacement surgeon with the experience of over 40 years in the field. He has expertise in trauma operations and fracture fixations. Moreover, he also performs orthopedic physiotherapy for sports injury and spinal rehabilitation. He is associated with the Indian Orthopedic Association and the Delhi Orthopedic Association.

Dr. Basanta Behera

He has extensive experience of more than 45 years in joint replacement. Dr. Behera is a member of many renowned associations with a lifetime membership. Additionally, he has many records to his name, such as the first orthopedic professor to perform total knee replacement, the first surgeon to perform RPF high flexed knee, etc. Dr. Bahera has published research papers in both national and international medical journals.

Dr. Gyan Sagar Tucker

Dr. Tucker’s expertise lies in spinal trauma, difficult fracture management, hip and knee replacements, etc. He has experience of over 27 years and is an active member of the Indian Arthroplasty Association and the Indian Orthopedic Association. Additionally, Dr. Tucker has rich experience in different fields of joint replacement at some of the best hospitals in India.


Consult one of the top shoulder replacement surgeons and be tension-free about your surgery. With this guide, you have an ample number of choices, go for the one you think is near to you, in your budget, and sits well with you.

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