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How Do Touchless Kitchen Faucets Work – A Detailed Guide

How Do Touchless Kitchen Faucets Work – A Detailed Guide

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All of us use kitchen faucets more than any other fixtures in our kitchen. Things could get a bit messy or hectic in the kitchen easily and touchless faucets play a vital role to avoid such conditions.

Touchless faucets work with the technology which allows to begin the water flow even without touching your faucet. you just have to place your hand below the spout and water flow would get started. When you take away the hand, water flow would stop. The best touchless faucets could enhance hygiene and are convenient for everyone. It makes our work easier than before. Here are the details of how a touchless faucet works.

How do touchless faucets work?

The process of a touchless faucet is fully different from the process of a touch faucet. If you want to analyze how it works, you have to look at the parts of it. each part has its own functioning that are given here-

1. Solenoid valve:

The negative or positive signal that comes from the faucet sensor controls this solenoid valve. The signal polarity determines if it would engage a push or pull action. It controls the flow of the water through using a disc like rubber. If it gets no signal, it remains close and no water would flow by the faucet. when you place your hand under the faucet spout, the sensor would send it a positive sign and it pulls the solenoid valve open and water flows. When you remove your hand, the sensor would send a negative signal and it becomes close again.

2. Sensor:

Sensor works by sending the signal to the solenoid valve and turning on your faucet. Its main task is to notify this valve when it should stop or start the flow that based on your hand’s absence or presence. It has an ultrasonic sensor or infrared light. You may find infrared sensor lights at the edge of the faucet spout. When you place your hand near the edge of the spout, this light reflects onto the faucet. The ultrasonic sensor works when your hand moves under the spout and disrupts it. the water flow stops when you take away your hand.

3. Power sources:

No touchless faucet could be operated without electricity. Some faucets are found in the market that are powered by batteries. You could connect this to the power supply by sockets on your wall. The valve of battery powered faucets remains open and its position changes when it receives the electric signal from the sensor. The ac-powered touchless faucets maintain the valve in the open position.

4.  Spouts:

All parts of the touchless faucet are accommodated through the spout. You may find it in various materials. Brass is the most expensive material whereas zinc is the cheapest. It is covered with nickel or chrome to increase its durability and appearance. You would find it in different styles. Most often it comes along with a pull-out or pull-down faucet. you could match them with other kitchen fixtures as well as your lifestyle. Spout is the thing that would make you wish for spending more time using it. Thus, you should always pay attention to its shape and finish.

Nothing could be as useful as a touchless faucet in your kitchen. If you have not installed it yet, don’t delay and install them to make your kitchen more hygienic!

5. Install Cost of Touchless Kitchen Faucets:

Touch faucets basically start at about $300 for the cost. However, prices can reach $500 and more. You can search touchless faucets at Bath Classics, and you can buy this faucets and install. The process are very easy.

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