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How Do You Effectively Kill The Hidden Termites At Home?

How Do You Effectively Kill The Hidden Termites At Home?

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Termites are a true nuisance when it comes to home invention. You will never know how or when they have entered the home until you are hearing the scrapping sounds now and then. However, every problem has a solution and for pests, it is seeking a termites exterminator near me. Although, it’s not the only solution as there are many ways to get rid of termites without investing in a professional. And that is exactly why we are here.

Here Are Some of The Natural Ways to Kill Termites…


Vinegar is truly a one-of-a-kind product that has been proven to effective in many aspects of our lives. And now you can use this wondrous liquid to make home pest-free as well. Just mix up a half cup of vinegar and juice from to lemons. That’s it; your homemade termite killer is ready. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture and then spray it around the area that is termite-infested. You can continue doing this until all the termites are dead.

Orange oil

Have you ever heard about orange oil? No, we are most certainly not talking about some miraculous hair product. Orange oils are found in home improvements or garden stores. You cannot make these at home as too much hassle goes behind to make it. The acid in orange melts termite’s exoskeletons, as it causes them to lose moisture and die. For getting results, you need to spray the mixture directly onto the termites. So make sure that you have identified their nest before spaying. One time praying won’t be effective, so continue to spray it for a week or so.


Nematodes are little life savers as these love to munch on termites. You can buy these worms from a specialty store or online, and then let them do the rest of the job. All you have to do is release them directly onto the nest or the suspected area, and just wait while they are munching on the pests. This is the easiest way to get rid of termites, without having to call a termites specialist near me. Not only that, you can leave them to reproduce and work on their appetite until all the termites are gone.


This is probably the most cost-effective way to get rid of termites. Just take out all the affected furniture in the daylight and leave them there for as long as the day lasts. Termites despise sunlight as too much of it is enough to kill them. It might take a while if these termites are deep inside the furniture, but it will work. But there is also a fact of your area’s weather condition. If you live in a relatively cold or most area, then try other methods from the list.

Borax Powder

Have some borax powder at home? Well, then it’s time to use them for something other they are intended to use for. Borax powder or also known a borate powder kill termites. Sprinkle some of the powders directly onto the nest and other affected areas, make sure that the powder is reaching deep within, otherwise, some termites can survive and reproduce. For best application, mix it with water and then spray or pour the mixture directly. This way you can reach more colonies at a time.


After all the termites fled the area or die, making sure that such infestation doesn’t happen will be smart. And for that, creating a barrier is essential. This might be a little too invasive but it sure is worth it. Hire laborers to dig up the surrounded area and then put a solid barrier in the ground. Because termite enters a home through soil, this method will prevent them from coming close to your home.

Other than thee, you can also call a fire termites pest control near me to get rid of the problem without any inconvenience. But do make sure to state them to use family-friendly products.

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