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How To Make A Gorgeous DIY Flower Wreath

How To Make A Gorgeous DIY Flower Wreath

Gorgeous DIY Flower Wreath

Gorgeous DIY Flower Wreath-A flower wreath provides a magnificent and decorative flavor to your home’s beauty. It is the best DIY craft that you can use in decorations on many festive occasions or celebrations. A flower wreath adds a striking design look to your wall or door.  You can create it easily and hang wherever you like, from the bedroom to the dining hall, or the front door or main entrance.

And if you make this craft from yourself, it will add more value to your beautiful creation. So, here we are guiding you on how you can make a gorgeous DIY flower wreath amazingly.

Wreaths are prominent decor ornaments that are used in various parts of the world. Mostly, wreaths are used as the main Christmas decoration. But due to its beautiful look and uniqueness, it has become the first DIY craft choice for any festive decoration.

Before you start creating this DIY craft, arrange the following supplies:

  • Ribbon
  • Metal hoop or embroidery hoop ( a 12-inch one is okay)
  • Floral wire
  • 3 filler flowers
  • 2 springs of greenery
  • 1 main flower
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (optional)


Step 1: Cut and arrange your flowers

Remove any unnecessary leaves (or wilted ones if you have real flowers), and cut extra-long stems down. Then start arranging how you would like your wreath to look, before wiring and gluing anything down.

Step 2: Attach your greenery

Take the springs of greenery you chose and wire one at a time along one-half of the metal hoop. Wrap the wire along the length of each stem while ensuring to lift leaves as you go so they don’t get squished.

Sometimes hoop wreaths have floral on a single side and the exposed metal hoop on the other side. If you would like to cover the whole of your wreath, go ahead.

If you find that the wire isn’t holding the plants as same as you want, use a hot glue gun and make changes as required.

Step 3: Place your filler flowers

Take the smaller blooms and start wiring them into the sparser spots of your wreath. Use the same method you did for the greenery previously, but avoid wrapping the entire flower. Then use hot glue if needed to support the flowers to get stick.

Step 4: Add the final flower

Take your main bloom and wire and wire it onto the frame. You can give your own design or style to add a personal touch to the wreath. Play around with it and create what type of layout you like the most. As with other flowers and greener, use your wire to attach the flower.

Step 5: Set and attach ribbon

Allow your flowers to set for at least half an hour. It gives them time to adjust within the wire, and if you used hot glue as reinforcement, it can cause fully dry flowers. After this, bind a ribbon to the top of your wreath for hanging.

Step 6: Time to show

Once you have finished creating your hoop wreath, hang this wreath above a mantel, on a door, or on a wall. Now, you have a perfect DIY flower wreath.

Where to hang your DIY Floral Wreath

There are many places at your home you can hang your beautiful wreath

  • Dining room
  • Front doors
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Kitchen window
  • Back door
  • Above the kitchen range
  • Leaning floor mirror

There are many types of floral wreaths that you choose to give reality to your imagination. Only you need soft handling and good supplies so the final product you get is beautiful outside and strong inside.


Enhance the beauty of your decoration with an easy DIY flower wreath. If you follow the above steps, we are sure you will love this craft. As we said, a product that looks beautiful inside should be strong inside as well.

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