7 Tips To Plan A Fall Road Trip During The Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has squashed all the dreams of international vacations and long trips. Maintaining social distancing and avoiding traveling to new destinations are the norms now, and travel enthusiasts don’t like them. Also, the increasing restrictions on traveling have forced people to remain inside their homes. It has had a significant effect on all the travel-lovers. People have been stuck in their homes for quite a long time now, and the only way to escape them is a long, relaxing, and fun road trip.

Planning a road trip is no easy task, especially in a worldwide pandemic. The routes, travel restrictions, the car etc., are all the things you need to keep in check for smooth travelling. While it isn’t easy to plan it, there is nothing more fun than taking a fall road trip in this pandemic. It might be your best and the only option for travelling right now without worrying about your safety.

Why take a road trip?

Road trips are an excellent choice for exploring your country, that too with your preferences. Here’s why you need to start planning that long-awaited road trip right now:

  • Explore the natural beauty of your land by deciding on a scenic route.
  • Road trips help refresh the mind and escape from the monotonous routine.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your family and friends.
  • You can make your itinerary and drive to all the places that you wish to see.
  • You can explore offbeat routes and locations which might not be available when flying for a vacation.
  • Road trips are very flexible; you can stop whenever you feel like having a bite or if you spot a beautiful site to take a picture.
  • It can help you create a bucket load of memories and carry them forever.

What every road trips need is a picturesque destination, extended routes and great companions. If you have all of them, you are ready to take out your car for a spin. When talking about picturesque sites, the one place where everything is a marvel of nature’s beauty is India. You’ll find something for everyone here. For lovers of natural beauty, there are plenty of hill stations, coastal towns and much more. The forts, monuments and architecture are a treat for everyone looking to explore Indian history. If you are not sure what you want to explore, India should be on your list.

It is full of beauty, culture, diversity and whatnot. Planning a road trip in India is a bucket list thing for many travel enthusiasts worldwide. So, why are you still waiting? Book those nonstop flights to Mumbai from USA and start planning your road trip in this fascinating country.

Following are seven tips you should follow when planning a fall road trip in this pandemic:

Decide and prepare the vehicle.

The vehicle is the one thing that needs to be in top shape for a road trip. You can opt to take your car or rent it. Ensure that the vehicle you choose is in good working condition and doesn’t need any repairs.

Get a service, the necessary repairs and any maintenance improvements well before you start the trip. Also, it is not easy to find a last-minute mechanic or servicing facility in this pandemic. You must prepare the vehicle beforehand so you can start your road trip smoothly. It will also help you avoid any damages on the road where it can be challenging to find a mechanic.

Decide the destination

Road trips offer flexibility like no other. You can plan the entire itinerary and choose the destinations without any restriction. Also, you can choose to take a road trip to another country you’ve been waiting to explore. It will give you an opportunity to travel to your dream destination and take an offbeat path to explore it.

There isn’t anything more satisfying than to see a place away from the tourist spots and truly explore it. Road trips offer that same opportunity. Decide the destination, the cities you want to travel to and plan an itinerary. You can decide on a different state or even another country and explore it.

The routes and roads

Road trips are all about travelling on the road. It makes it essential that you choose, plan and decide the routes efficiently. You need to ensure that the roads are well-constructed and not damaged. Also, factoring in the time and the general traffic for some places can help get proper estimates. It will help you avoid high-traffic roads and jams, which can be frustrating while travelling.

Apart from that, you need to find the scenic routes and include them in your map. It will help serve and fulfil the essence of road trips and see all that natural beauty too. Carry a road map along with the GPS of the vehicle.

Pack and carry the essentials

You might not find all the essentials on the road or in remote locations. Carrying all your clothes, food items, medicines, and other requirements is crucial to avoid any difficulties and have a smooth road trip. Also, due to the pandemic, you need to carry masks, sanitisers and face shields to protect yourself from the virus.

Prepare a record of all the things you would need while travelling and check out that list when you have finished the packing.

Carry an emergency medical kit for any mishappening on the road and keep contact with local hospitals and doctors.

Complete the hotel bookings

It is not wise to stay in any hotel you see on the road, especially in a pandemic. The hotel you stay in should follow safety and hygiene protocols. Conduct your due research and find the hotels on your route which fit within your budget and requirements. Also, they should be up to date with the social distancing and hygiene protocols.

If you plan a road trip in another country, say India, you must complete all the bookings beforehand. Search for hotels on your route and make your booking before boarding those flights.

Plan your meals ahead

In addition to the hotels, the restaurants and food joints must also be safe and clean. The pandemic has forced us to adopt better hygiene habits and follow safety protocols. Carry non-perishable eatables which you can use at any time and avoid stopping.

Search for restaurants and their safety ratings before embarking on your road trip. It will help you plan your stops and eat at verified places only. Also, ensure that you carry your sanitiser and use it before eating anything.

Keep up with the Covid guidelines.

Many travel restrictions and lockdowns are operating in different places. If you have a road trip in your plan, ensure that you know the latest guidelines and protocols regarding Covid-19. It will help you avoid any trouble and have a smooth journey.

Keep an eye on the changing guidelines about travelling and whether you need testing before entering a new location. It will help you skip the long queues and plan your journey accordingly. Also, there might be restrictions to travel in the night or fr the number of people in a car. Keeping a check on these protocols will help in avoiding any problems.

Follow all these tips for a smooth and comfortable road trip in this pandemic. It will help you protect yourself from the virus and have a fun vacation too.

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