Role Tape on Ha Young Park

  An idea is a powerful thing. Of course, it’s only just an idea unless one has the skill and intelligence to know how and where to implement it. Ha Young Park is someone who has great ideas and understands their power but perhaps not in the manner or realm you might imagine. As the creator of the immensely popular “Tape […]

Producer Miri Yoon on Bringing Netflix’s The Mother to Life

There are many special skills that enable Miri Yoon to be among best producers in the film industry but none perhaps as prominent as the ability to read a script and “see” the potential. Reading Misha Green’s script for The Mother, Yoon declares, “It was an incredibly evocative, engaging screenplay that was a page turner in the truest sense. It […]

A First Glace at Always Come in Second with DP Yifu Li

  It would be difficult to find a film with as much heart as Always Come in Second. Every coming-of-age film has its own unique perspective with a cross-cultural thread of relatability and this story does so in the form of a Chinese teen named Tyler. This is an idyllic blend of comedy and drama which illustrates the struggles of achieving […]

Politically Poignancy in Death of the Virgin

A young svelte woman in her early 20’s pirouettes gracefully around a room, the picture of poise and grace. Moments later she is face down in a toilet, anguish on her face. A voiceover relates her aspirations and dreams of the future. These are the first few moments of Death of the Virgin; a film which takes an unusual perspective […]

Anything for Pets is Everything Great: Petsmart’s Musical Approach with Producer Jeff Pangman

Jeff Pangman admits that he hasn’t been part of creating a musical before now, and certainly not one which features an eclectic array of animals being serenaded. The Canadian line producer does confirm that the eclectic nature of his work in commercial production is what keeps him excited and engaged. Pangman enthusiastically states, “Animals bring a sense of joy and […]

Xiaobo Ma on Freedom via Technology in MIYAVI’s “Hush Hush feat. Kang Daniel” 

  For an international superstar, scheduling is usually the greatest challenge. The music video for MIYAVI’s “Hush Hush feat. Kang Daniel” brought these two famous artists together; but not physically. Their performance together, as well as the locations in this video are the result of the most advanced digital manipulations. 3D designer Xiaobo Daniel Ma was the lead animator on this […]