Talent, Vision, and Ambition with Samon Siripanichgon

Samon Siripanichgon has achieved the utmost respect within the production community for more than simply his impressive talent.  He has continually exhibited that he is drawn to working in scenarios that are more inclined towards the kind of pressure that demands “on the spot” creativity” rather than leisurely confidence. Being tested by the unpredictability of a situation is a mindset […]

A Look to Visual Identity: Concept and Components

Your brand’s visual identity goes from your Logo to the color and fonts you decide to use. It is how your brand looks and is a massive part of your brand experience. Therefore, your business’s credibility needs a strong Visual Identity System that reflects a purpose and gives your audience a sense of familiarity and recognition.  Your Visual Identity System […]

Cultural Discovery with Editor Luodawei Xiao

For a creative professional like editor Luodawei Xiao, filmmaking can come from a place of experiential information or from that of curiosity. As a native of China, his work on films like the award-winning (Best Documentary at the LA Independent Film Channel and Boden International Film Festival) documentary Ice World illuminates a global audience about magnificent people and occurrences of […]

Six Sigma Certification Courses – Everything You Need to Know

Six Sigma is a term used by every business person. It is one of the most effective tools for improving business capability. There is high growth in the technology market. Six Sigma uses a quality-driven approach to business transformation. The six sigma course has different levels that teach various six sigma principles. There are different eligibility criteria and training provided […]