Is It Possible To Make Money With A Blog?

The doubt of many people Blog: how to choose a web marketing course? Indeed, how to choose a great course. How to find that training appointment capable of making a difference. Because the truth is this: you can find almost anything on the subject. It is not the quantity that is missing, and this is often the problem: you do not […]

5 examples Of Consistency in Writing An Online Article

Consistency is a deciding factor when you decide to dedicate your time to writing online. You know full well that optimization work SEO Search Engine Optimization passes from the good activity of web copywriting, and that you cannot think in terms of keyword density: old practices that no longer work. Or that they never worked. In any case, it is a […]

How To Insert, Improve And Optimize The Google Snippet

The Google snippet is the single result that appears on the page of this search engine. This cutout contains all the information to decide whether or not to visit the link. Its optimization is about SEM optimization, not just SEO. Snippets also appear in Google ADS advertisements (formerly AdWords) and also feature other search engines such as Yahoo !, Bing, and more. But the […]