Why Do I Face The ‘HP Printer Printing Blank Pages’ Issue?

Why Do I Face The ‘HP Printer Printing Blank Pages’ Issue?

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

Just imagine that you are at the edge of a very important deadline and you need to submit your work as soon as possible while all you have is an HP printer which has suddenly stopped working. The HP printer that you are using to fasten your work and deliver a very much presentable assignment abruptly decides to face the ‘HP printer printing blank pages’ issue.

This not only gets in the way of your timely submission of an assignment but also knocks down your will to work efficiently and dedicatedly. The HP brand has been very consistent in delivering superior quality of work; issues such as its own printer printing blank pages and several others are unavoidable in any of the printing machines. It is highly unfair to judge the brand itself based on the occurrence of this issue as it could happen with any other despite the brand or quality that it promises. This is a technical issue that cannot be avoided until and unless cared for, with great consideration. The only option you have left other than to curse the printer for the occurrence of such an issue at an extremely off timing is, to look for some solution to get rid of the ‘HP printer printing blank pages’ issue. You need to primarily locate the actual reason that is causing your printer to lose its efficiency due to the issue faced.

We realize that time is critical and huge for you now and in this way we would prescribe you to take a gander at the underneath techniques and give them a shot as they are especially the guaranteed once to dispose of the HP printer printing clear pages issue prior to contacting auto shop as it would burn-through a lot of your valuable time. If you follow this heap of steps and methodologies mindfully, the issue of ‘HP Printer printing clear pages’ could get tended to inside the space of minutes without costing you a single rupee.

Looking forward, we have initially created a list of all the possible reasons which might be behind the HP printer printing blank pages issue that your printer is facing and preventing you from working efficiently and delivering your project on time. a handful of such reasons are:

  • The HP printer that you are using must be located on a plane surface that is leveled equally and somewhat larger than the size of your HP printer.
  • You should also check the Ink cartridges that are installed and be certain that they are neither dried down nor insufficient to fulfill the print command that you have given.
  • Next, you should also verify that the yellow tape which is also known as the breather tape is successfully and completely removed from the ink cartridge that is inserted in your HP printer.
  • Another important checkpoint is to guarantee that the cartridges are original and authentic. It is highly possible that the HP printer that you are using does not accept the quality of the cartridge that you have installed.
  • It is also very important to be sure that the printing paper that you have set up in the printer tray meets the requirements and description mentioned by your HP printer in all manner. The description would also mention the size and dimensions of the printing paper that is best for your HP printer.
  • It is also possible that the file that you have set for printing contains some blank pages in between which you are not aware of. So, do check the file that you are willing to print before giving the command.

Alternatives to solve ‘HP printer printing blank pages’ issue

  1. Restarting the printer
  • Disconnect the HP printer from the main switch to cut down the power supply and shut it down completely by pressing the power button.
  • Remove all the USB cables that are at the back of your printer and leave it for a minute.
  • Now turn back on the HP printer and attach all the cables back into position.
  • Check the working condition of your printer by printing a sample paper.
  1. Downloading the latest Printer drivers

Check the existing printer drivers and install the new ones if necessary. For this, you need to visit the official website of HP and search for the printer driver for your specific model by entering the same. Now download the printer driver most suitable for your printer and install it.

  1. Avoid blank pages in the document

To avoid the ‘HP printer printing blank pages’ issue you need to avoid the printing command for the blank pages that are there in your document.

  • For the same, you need to click on the ‘setting’ in the ‘start menu’ and click on the ‘printers and scanners’ option.
  • Next, click on the ‘printing preferences’ and select the ‘maintenance’ option after which you need to select ‘extended settings’.
  • Select the one that says ‘skip Blank Page’ and click the ‘ok’ button.

Try contacting the HP experts by the details available on their official website for further guidance and assistance.

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