8 DIY Concrete Paver Molds Product Ideas That Are Easy To Make And Start Selling

8 DIY Concrete Paver Molds Product Ideas That Are Easy To Make And Start Selling

Concrete Paver Molds Product

The more affordable the goods from the mass market are, the more valuable are the things that are made with their own hands-DIY goods. Usually they are associated with uniqueness, quality, naturalness. And the personal history of the creator gives such things an additional concrete paver molds value.

Even if you have not tried to do something with your own hands before, any product from the list will be up to you.

1. Candles


Candles are no longer just an interior thing that stand on a shelf and get dusty. They are set on fire during practices and meditations, family and romantic dinners, aromatherapy. Therefore, natural candles made of beeswax and soy wax are now in the trend.

Buy wax, various aromatic oils and experiment with the aromas, sizes and shapes of candles. You can pour wax into walnut shells, shells, glass cups, iron mugs. Another option is to decorate ready-made candles.

2. Toys for animals

Toys for animals

59 million Russian households have pets. At the same time, Russians often prefer cats than dogs. People are increasingly getting pets as companions and pets of the family, and not for catching mice and guarding the house. Therefore, they are ready to pamper their pets with gifts more and more often.

Homemade eco-friendly toys will attract owners who are responsible for the maintenance of pets. Remember about safety precautions: toys should be such that the animal can not accidentally bite off and swallow part of it (you can tear it apart).

3. Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume

Girls like to carry perfume bottles in their purse, which take up a lot of space and sometimes spill. A great alternative is solid perfume. They include wax, vitamin E, glycerin and oils. The perfume is easy to make, the main thing is to find high-quality ingredients and think over its original packaging. You can pour ready-made perfume into tin or glass jars of different shapes or into jewelry-pendants, rings, earrings.

4. Knitted blankets and poufs

Knitted blankets and poufs

If you find a good supplier of fabrics or yarn, then the sale of blankets or poufs can bring an excellent profit. There are many instructions on the web for creating these products without the help of knitting needles. For more complex models, you will need knitting skills, which can be acquired over time.

5. Jewelry made of epoxy resin

Jewelry made of epoxy resin

A little patience and attention to design, and now you are already creating beautiful and original jewelry. They can also be personalized. For example, take as a basis the photos that the buyer sends. You can make not only individual jewelry, but also combine them into sets.

6. Headbands


Headbands are a simple homemade product that can be made in any style. Even if you don’t know how to sew on a sewing machine, there are many instructions on the web on how to cope without it. This product can be used to diversify the range of an eco-store, if you make bandages from scraps of fabrics and unnecessary clothes.

7. Accessories for electronics

Accessories for electronics

Smartphones and tablets are not the cheapest electronics that almost everyone carries with them. To protect the equipment, people buy cases and cases, and these products are easy to make with their own hands. If you choose eco-leather or other inexpensive materials as the basis, then you can start selling with minimal investment.

8. Cup stands

Cup stands

Coasters for cups and glasses are one of the simplest homemade products for sale online. Many things are suitable as a material: wood, cork, fabrics, plastic, glass, even cement. Personalized stands can be sold as souvenirs in honor of memorable dates: birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

The demand for unique handmade goods is growing, so choose an idea to your liking and do not waste time. Whether it’s a hobby that you’ve been doing for years, or something completely new. You can start implementing most of your homemade ideas right now.

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