Things To Know About Notarized Letter An Employment Contract

Things To Know About Notarized Letter An Employment Contract

Notarized Letter

A notarized letter or document, a certified document by a notary public, establishes the document’s authenticity. A notary is an impartial witness to the signing of the paper. To make a notarized form letter, it’s necessary to have the notary’s signature and seal.

Drafting an estate plan, buying a home, power of attorney, medical proxy documents, adopting a child, or any legal or official transaction requires a notary to make it a notarized letter. 

Notaries ensure that no fraud, forgery, or force gets involved while placing a signature on a contract or the document. The notary makes all essential records in the logbook or journal.

What are the benefits of notarizing letters?

Notarizing letters have many benefits, some of which may include:

  • Determination Of Fraud and Forgery: In a time, where anyone can take advantage of any unknown or innocent people, the notary proves to be worthy. The notary identifies and adds an extra layer of protection while implementing essential documents.
  • Provide Legal Protection: A notarized letter or document helps to avoid contract disputes and litigation, as the form then becomes legal.
  • Elevate the Credibility of the Document: Many documents do not become legal until notarization. Though it may not apply to all documents, notarization increases the document’s inherent value and authenticity.
  • Avoid witness need to appear in court: A notarized letter gets considered self-authenticating. So, the notarized letter can get submitted as evidence in the trial. The notarization of a document prevents the witness from being physically present. Learn more about notarized letters at

How to get a Notarized Letter?

For notarizing a document, visit the notary, prove your identity, sign the form, have the notary sign and stamp, and pay the fees.

  • Official identification: The notary will ask and cross-check your label. You should identify with photographs such as a driver’s license, passport, or any other ID issued by the government. 

The requirement for ID varies from state to state. If the notary does not get satisfied with the document presented, he/she can refuse to notarize your letter. 

  • Wait for your Sign: Make sure to bring an unsigned document- don’t make any signature ahead of time. The notary will make your document legal only when he/she watches you sign. If the notary doesn’t witness your character, your paper will get rejected.
  • Pay Fees: After you have a notarized letter, you will have to have some amount as a modest fee to the notary. The payment may vary depending on where you go to get the legal document notarized.

What does an Employment Contract Include?

An agreement that gets signed between an individual employee and an employer is an employment contract. In general, an employment contract includes:

  • Salary Wages: The agreement will entail details of salary, wage, or commission.
  • Schedule: In some cases, the agreement will include the days, working hours, paid and unpaid leaves. Click here to know more about employment contracts.
  • Duration Of Employment: The contract will have the details of the length of the time for working. In some cases, the agreement could be for a specific duration. At other times it may include minimum duration with the possibility of extending that period.
  • General Responsibilities: The contract can enlist duties, responsibilities, and tasks the employee will have to do.
  • Communication: If the employee handles social media, websites, or email, the agreement might enclose the company’s ownership and control of all communications.
  • Benefits: The contract may include all stated benefits like- health insurance, vacation time, any other facilities as part of the employment.
  • Future competition: The employer contract can also include a non-compete clause (NCC). It’s an agreement that states- when the employee leaves the company, he/she will not enter into jobs that may put them in competition with the company.

Typically NCC gets signed separately, but it can get included in the employment contract as well.


Important documents or letters need to get notarized to prevent any further dispute. A notarized letter gets certified by the notary, an impartial witness. The notary checks for the authenticity of the document and determines any fraud. Before making any document notarized, the notary check for the signer’s identity, willingness to sign, and signer’s awareness of the content

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