Brand Strategy Consulting Services Promotion In Instagram

Brand Strategy Consulting Services Promotion In Instagram


What is the Instagram account development strategy and what is it for? This is a kind of action plan that is based on understanding the uniqueness of the brand, the place in the market, the behavior of the target audience and the marketing channel with which you will work.

Business tasks are a story about money, profit. Here, the numbers and specifics are important – to increase the conversion to sales from 3% to 5% by the end of 2017 or to increase the average receipt by 30% until 31.12.2017), to raise brand awareness by increasing the number of search queries on it, etc.tasks.

Brand Strategy Consulting Services

Your brand promotion goals on Instagram must be consistent with your overall marketing strategy. That is, if the marketing goals are to increase brand awareness. And in Instagram, you focus on growing awareness and working to increase reach for your target audience to brand strategy consulting services.

In order to correctly formulate goals for yourself and for SMM specialists, you need to conduct a conditional audit of what you have now and at what stage you are. And also determine the specific result that you want to come to and in what time frame. It is important to keep in mind the goal levels: business objectives, marketing objectives, and communication objectives. Let’s look at what they are.

The business goal implies that the marketing objectives are the desired action of the target audience. You need a clear understanding of what is important to you in people’s behavior. And on the basis of these goals, you should formulate a communication task (with which you will work in social networks) — the desired change in the perception of the brand and its associated attributes and characteristics. Let’s take an example.

Let’s say we have our own beauty salon and one of our goals is to increase awareness. Since it is important for us to earn money, the business task may sound like this: to increase revenue by 30% by the end of the year. After that, we indicate what action of our CA is important for us— to increase the frequency of visits to nail masters. And the final level is the formation of communication goals — what the audience should think about us — for example, to create an image of the salon as the main expert in the beauty industry. That is, the last stage, the communication task — this is our strategy.

Please note that when the same business task is being performed, the final goals of the Instagram promotion strategy may differ. For example, for a bar, the strategic goal may be the same: to increase revenue by 30%. The target action is to attract guests, to achieve a full landing. And the communication task is to create an image of the bar as a democratic, public institution with reasonable prices. Not to “pump” expertise, not to demonstrate a high level of service (as in the first example), but to show accessibility and mass character. It all depends on the positioning and overall.

We study our competitors

Competitor analysis is a necessary element for a successful Instagram strategy to increase sales. Remember that there are not only direct competitors, but also indirect and “attention” competitors. It is necessary to study them in as much detail as possible in order to work effectively with your communication goal.

For example, you have an evening dress shop. Your goal is to set yourself apart from the competition and create an image of the brand as an innovator in the field of evening fashion. In order to achieve this goal, you will have to compete not so much with another dress store, but with those who are fighting for the title of an actual brand, an innovator, who also speaks to your target audience about fashion, style, and becomes a source of inspiration for them.

It is optimal to conduct two types of analysis — quantitative and qualitative.

As part of the quantitative analysis, we recommend tracking the following parameters of competitors:

number of subscribers;
content update frequency;
average number of likes and comments per post;
Engagement rate (the level of engagement, ER, is the ratio of all the activities for a single publication (likes + comments + saves) to the number of subscribers who saw this publication (coverage).

Content plan — what it is and what it is eaten with
You will need a content plan to make your work on Instagram systematic. After working on it once, you will no longer experience a lack of topics, formats, and time to prepare, and you will not forget about the interesting ideas that you planned to implement.

To begin with, a little theory: all community content is usually divided into planned and situational. The first type includes publications about the company’s products, services, discounts, promotions, brand concepts and history. To the second – announcements of events, posts dedicated to the holidays, photos of users. As practice shows, users like situational content much more, but making it qualitatively is not the easiest task. Therefore, it is important to distribute the content by type, in the correct proportion, for example, 70/30 and spend more time forging posts in advance. After all, it is known that the best improvisation is a good preparation.

How to use the content plan in practice?

The first and perhaps the easiest way is an Excel spreadsheet. In it, you can mark the dates, topics of publications, time of publications, specify relevant hashtags, add images and text directly to it.

You can also work with mobile services, such as ConceptOffice, which will help you imagine how the content will look in your feed. There you can also create groups of hashtags, set up a publication schedule, and so on.

If several people, designers, photographers, copywriters, are involved in the work on maintaining the account, in this case, you can use Google Tables to be able to monitor changes online and give access to several users at the same time.

The next issue that many people are concerned about is the regularity of publications. Perhaps, the correct answer about the optimal frequency of publications does not exist, but at the start we recommend doing 1-2 posts DAILY.

You can spy on your competitors and find out what time they post their publications. (in order not to miss it, you should enable notifications about new publications).

Watch your audience, in the statistics tools you can see at what time your subscribers are most active. And based on this, test different publication times. You can also select the time at which people probably view their social networks, it can be-early in the morning, on the way to work, lunch break and evening time. The main thing is to remember, it is important to try and track the results, the only way to achieve efficiency.

And, remember that the content plan should not be rigid and static. You can and should make changes and additions to it-when new information guides appear, if necessary, use some current situation or respond to audience requests. This situation often occurs, for example, when promoting business education on Instagram. If, for example, the collection of applications for a webinar is not active enough, the SMM developer has to become more active, create additional posts, while the content plan, of course, will have to make the necessary adjustments.

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