10 Best Tips to Promoting your Store on Instagram

Instagram is among the most popular social media sites, provides excellent chances for companies including retail stores to advertise their goods and services. In case you were considering to hire a tech-savvy consultant to assist you, it is crucial to understand that Instagram is one of the simpler social media platforms to manage, so even those who “can’t turn on […]

Product Labelling In Marketing: What Drives Buying Decisions?

When it comes to product marketing and packaging, prime labels and secondary labels are crucial. The first thing customers notice are prime labelling. High-quality images and colours are frequently used on these labels to improve their appeal and attract buyers’ attention. Supplementary labels are those that are used in addition to the primary labels. They’re generally found on the back […]

How To Help Small Business After Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation is the right solution to contain the spread of the disease, but there is no need to remain indifferent to others. It is important to provide support to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as charitable foundations, otherwise many of them will close, and people will be left without work. Help is […]

7 Content Marketing Secrets to Boost Website Traffic

Hey, are you also in the same boat as most website owners? Are you also facing the same issue of not driving enough website traffic besides having a well-designed website? Of course, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.  One of the effective ways that came to my notice is content marketing. I have prepared a list of the top 7 content […]


Your marketer has a goal – to get leads (“hot” requests) from social media. The specialist launches advertising campaign, but for some reason there are no leads. Are you familiar with this situation? Then our tech branding agency presents TOP-5 reasons why your ads on Facebook and Instagram do not fulfill their direct function. REASON # 1 – NO STRATEGY […]

B2B Sales Questions that can Get you the Best Deals

In B2B sales methodology, it’s more about the inquiries you pose than about the appropriate responses you give. Questions empower you to manage the bearing of the discussion and connect with your prospects in a more applicable and ground-breaking way. A very basic mistake a salesperson can make is to pitch the recommendations very early. Not only it will disinterest […]

How To Identify Your Hungry Buyer (And Sell To Them Perfectly)

“I’m a vegetarian,” she said to him as they took their seats at the finest steakhouse in the city. Not the most spectacular start to a date — considering he waited 2 months for a reservation and the chance to take her out. Knowing your hungry buyer matters — especially when it comes to marketing. If you don’t give your audience what they want then you won’t […]