Risk of Using PopUp Opt-in Form

Digital marketing is a best way to promote blog or site. This technique establishes brand value. When we decide to implement any marketing strategy for our blog then we think about the way in which it will take place. Social media and Email marketing are proven ways of online promotion. Email marketing is even more popular than other techniques amongst […]

The Delay Flight Can Now Be Known from Google Search

Google has updated its flight features. The update brings a new feature where travelers can find out on their way to the airport. Google Flight now uses machine learning that will predict flights that are delayed or delayed. In addition, the new features of Google Flight also explain the differences of some classes in the airplane such as economy class […]

Backlinks: All you need to know about them

Backlinks are very simply a link from one website domain to another different domain. This means that if sitex.com links to sitey.com, they have formed a backlink because the user will go to a different website by clicking said link. This is a huge part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because search engines use backlinks to determine the quality and reputation which a […]

How To Identify Your Hungry Buyer (And Sell To Them Perfectly)

“I’m a vegetarian,” she said to him as they took their seats at the finest steakhouse in the city. Not the most spectacular start to a date — considering he waited 2 months for a reservation and the chance to take her out. Knowing your hungry buyer matters — especially when it comes to marketing. If you don’t give your audience what they want then you won’t […]

Classic Business Name Mistakes

Ray Atkins, an online entrepreneur with multiple businesses turning over more than a million dollars each year, writes this week’s guest post. We usually prefer to focus on the positive aspects of choosing a business name but Ray, talking from personal experience, tells us of the pitfalls most of us should be avoiding. My Dumbest Business Name Mistakes “When I first ventured […]