7 Reasons Why a Night Time Skin Care Routine Important

7 Reasons Why a Night Time Skin Care Routine Important

Skin Care Routine

Most of us struggle and try to cope with our various skin problems, these can include oily or dry skin, attack of acne or blackheads, patchy or rough skin, tanning in the form of patches or pimple marks, black spots and what not we have to go through daily. It almost becomes a challenge to keep our skin healthy, smooth, pimple-free, tan-free and away from all kinds of attacks that come from outside.

For those who are traveling outside daily, commuting to schools and colleges or other places, the problem intensifies for people with sensitive skin when they are in direct contact with the pollution-laced air outside. By the time you reach home exhausted, your skin has already suffered through layers of dust resting on it. Night-time skincare routine then becomes vital otherwise your skin will gradually start to lose all its beauty and appear dull and lifeless.

We are here to your rescue so you do not have to worry! In this article, we will tell you why a nighttime skincare routine is so vital for healthy skin. We guarantee you after knowing the reasons behind this you will be inclined on taking extra care of your skin before hitting the bed. This applies to all genders above the age of eighteen. Make sure that you use disinfectant and wipes before you start your nighttime routine.

#7 Reasons Why Night Time Skincare Routine Is Important

1. Skin loses water at night

If you did not know this already, know it now that your skin loses most of its water content during the night while you are fast asleep. It is very important to drink sufficient water before you go to bed at night. Our body perspires maximum during the night time and since we are asleep we cannot balance the perspiration, therefore, it is advised to drink at least two glasses of water before you go to bed so that when you wake up in the morning your skin does not look dried up or even your organs on the inside are not deprived of water.

 Staying hydrated during the day and at night is very important to retain the moisture and glow of your skin. Having sufficient water before sleeping is very important for night time skincare.

2. The revival of damage done during the day

When you leave your house early in the morning to face the pollution outside, your skin tries to fight off as much pollution as possible but some of the pores on your skin are permeable to the dust falling on your face. Since you are at your office or college or a place where you are unable to clean your face, therefore, when you return home in the evening with a dust-laced face it is very important to first wash your face properly with a sulfate-free face wash to get rid of the surface dust, then before going to bed make sure there are no ounces of makeup on your face.

You can also choose to apply a night cream or moisturizer before you hit the bed. This will help your skin to redeem its glow which it lost during the day amidst pollution. You only get enough hours of undisturbed skin revival during the night.

3. To counter ageing

Did you know that one of the major reasons behind ageing fast and developing wrinkles on your face is the loss of water content from the surface of your skin resulting in the skin getting scaly and fine lines appearing on it real quick? To counter this problem you must take good care of your skin before going to sleep. There are various night creams available to help your skin to tighten and open clogged pores. You can try applying night creams that are rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B12, this will nourish your skin and bring back its lost moisture. It will also help in repairing dead cells present on and underneath your skin.

Try using a night cream after the age of 30 and make it a habit to not go to bed without applying the cream on your face. Irregularity might not prove to be helpful if you are someone who goes out regularly.

4. Night toning

One of the many things that your skin requires is good toning at night. It is advised to all to use a softener or toner to give your skin a smooth touch and balance its pH levels from going up. Toners are more useful and efficient if your skin is oily. But if you have dry skin, you can try using a softener to keep your skin hydrated. Toners basically function to tone your skin and prevent it from getting patchy or tanned.

5. Night serum

Face serum is again a product that functions better if you use it at night. Night serums can address numerous skin concerns with great care. You can choose to apply a little amount of serum on all the problematic regions of your skin. These may be anti-acne or oil-control serum. Depending on the requirement of your skin, you can also apply a formula that contains active retinoids or a serum that hydrates of firms the surface of your skin. Serums also help in moisturizing your skin and prevents dark patches to appear on the surface.

6. Under-eye protection

After going through the strains of the day, by the time it is the night your eyes need a little extra care to revive in the morning. For this extra care, it is advised to one and all to apply night cream under your eyes from a known brand.

Most of us tend to overlook the region under our eyes. We believe that a moisturizer will work the same for our under the eye. But in reality, the skin encircling our eyes is the most delicate and sensitive area. It is likely to wrinkle faster than the rest. Choose products that focus on the under-eye region, contains peptides that increase hydration of the skin and inhibit wrinkling and formation of fine lines before time. This will help to rejuvenate your eyes and lessen the stress that encircles your eyes.

7. Lip balm protection

Just like your eyes, your lips too need special care. Because like the rest of your body, your lips suffer the pangs of dirt and pollution too. Cleanse your lips too while you are thoroughly cleaning your face. Once it is completely dry, apply a good quality lip balm to keep your lips moisturized throughout the night. Do not apply a lot of it. Otherwise it will get sticky and not stay on your lips for long, it will smudge easily.

It is important to know why all of the skincare regimes can only be followed at night and not during the day. This is because most of us are busy or somewhat occupied during the day. We fail to attend to our skin, night time is the time when our skin needs utmost care and attention.

It is also the time when we are finally relaxed. We get some time to rejuvenate our skin from the day’s stress and pollution that falls on its surface. All the skincare techniques function best when they are left undisturbed on our skin for the rest of the night. Night-time is the time of recovery for our skin, our mind and our bodies as a whole.

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