Nursing Home Abuse & The Need for Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

Nursing Home Abuse & The Need for Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

Personal Injury Lawyer

Every year, about 4 million older adults are affected, injured, physically or psychologically abused due to neglect. Nursing home setting often leads to mistreatment experiences, but it is tough to know who is liable for the same. A personal injury, medical malpractice, abuse often cause harming the patient’s health. Seeking help from a personal injury lawyer Dallas makes sense. They can evaluate who is liable for nursing home injuries.

For such instances, lawsuits are filed, considering the nursing home, rest home, long term care facility liable. It happens when people act careless and injure others. Whether it is pretty bruises or some severe injuries, you need to give legal consideration to it. 

What Behavior is Careless?

There are several accidents, intentional, unintentional ones, failure to keep up with the promise—all of it resulting in a nursing home mishap causing trouble to the patient. The health problems of people living in the nursing home get impacted even more due to the employee’s misconduct.

What to do when you suspect Injury?

In case of personal injury, your injury lawyer Dallas, must have been given importance to, as they can help you get the justice you deserve. If you are aware that someone gets abused due to nursing home negligence, it is essential to take legal action. Report the accident to the proper authority and see if you can record the evidence, if any.

Failure to keep premise safe:

Meaning, the premise is exposed to danger, certain risks that can lead to reasonable trouble. It includes cases where slip and fall accident occurs; you could have prevented that. Failing to keep the premises safe and free from hazards is the utmost duty of the nursing home.

Neglect in Hiring an employee:

The nursing home didn’t give importance to doing a background check of individuals wishing to be a part of the health care space. That led to employees hitting, abusing, and treating wrongfully, harming the patient mentally and physically. The failure to train, supervise, instruct and help employees may also come into consideration here.

Failed to keep Health a Priority:

Cleaning is very crucial, especially when it is a space that takes care of older adults. Cleaning and sanitary condition is very needful, the room, premise, and washroom everything needs to be clean. If it is not, it will affect the health of people living in the space, sooner or later. Nursing home negligence will affect the people who trusted them for their health care and supervision. If you or someone you know who has been affected, or experience health concerns due to safety issues, you need a nursing home lawyer.

Contact the nursing home lawyer

Negligent in Supervision:

The higher authority’s duty, higher staff to supervise and check how each nursing home patient is doing, how their health is, are getting adequate treatment.  Also, they need to ensure that the premise is safe for people to move from one place to other without being injured. Problems of slip and fall accidents can be minimum or equal to zero with adequate supervision.

Failed to provide medical help:

People who have opted for a nursing home to take care of their health expect them to take medicines and other treatments into consideration. Suppose the nursing home fails to provide enough medical treatment that was supposed to be considered, leading to serious health issues. It is an act of negligence that requires serious attention from legal personnel. Medical malpractice may also be negligence, which is giving wrong medicine to the patient, compromising their health condition.


Seeking help from personal injury lawyer Dallas is the one best option to get justice for what has happened to you. At Bailey & Galyen, you get the right lawyer treating your case, giving you justice, and helping you have a solid chance to present. To know more, you can contact us and speak with our professional attorney. We are right here for you, with the hopes of getting the best for you. 

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