How Do You Know Which Vanilla Perfume Is Right For You?

Vanilla Perfume

Choosing a new scent is an unpredictable and spontaneous process. Sometimes the charm of the top notes dissipates immediately after purchase, and sometimes the love for perfume only grows stronger. How can you recognize the one that is right for you in the polyphony of fashionable fragrances vanilla perfume?

Each of us has our own relationship with fragrances. Someone is actively testing new products, while someone has been faithful to the same scent for years. What can cause the desire to constantly change the Vanilla perfume, try different compositions, without stopping for a long time on any one?

Vanilla Perfume

As a rule, it is associated with the characteristics of a young age – with the search for emotions and fickle feelings, with the desire for change and experimentation. And there is nothing wrong with that, if, of course, it is a joy to you, and loved ones, the space of the apartment and the budget do not suffer from your hobby. But if collecting creates difficulties and provokes internal conflicts, disappointment, then it is worth figuring out what is the reason for unlimited passion and why you cannot stop.

Sometimes a new scent is a way to fill a spiritual void.

You may not find the scent you want in any way. For example, you are looking for the lightness of being, and it is this that attracts in the first notes, but you find sweetness and heaviness in the end. Or you just can’t find the perfume you heard on someone. Sometimes buying a Vanilla perfume is connected with the desire to try on the role of the heroine from the advertisement. If a beautiful, confident woman with a bottle in her hands attracted your attention on the pages of a magazine, then when you search for a fragrance in a store, you will imagine this image. And the scent itself will be perceived through the prism of a picture from the magazine.

But what if it’s not about the Vanilla perfume, but about you? Sometimes a new scent is a way to fill the spiritual void, in pursuit of an illusion, a dream, memories that no longer exist. And no matter how much you chase them, it is impossible to catch them.

Then it is worth picking up the last purchase, which began to annoy a week later, and honestly answer the following questions:

  • What attracted me to this scent?
  • What was I thinking when I bought it? Have my expectations been met?
  • Did I buy it for myself or for others?
  • How do I feel in it?
  • What do I dislike about him?
  • If this fragrance were human, what would you say about it?
  • Do I like this person? We have something in common?
  • It is better to analyze several flavors, then, perhaps, you will quickly understand the cause of the mistakes.

Suppose your answers are as follows: I bought a perfume for myself, I was attracted to it by some secret, I wanted to try it on, keep its trail, but then the fragrance began to seem too sweet, heavy, as if it ground me, absolutely disliked me. What does this tell a Vanilla perfume coach?

That the woman, most likely, did not have time to “spread” the fragrance before buying and hear heavy and sweet base notes. We often choose a perfume by trying only the top notes and heart notes (this is a fragrance that is heard for 3-5 hours). And the whole secret lies in the base notes, which last the longest, usually 6-8 hours.

Spend more time getting to know the scent

Here a paradox happened, which can also occur in ordinary life, not related to fragrances: the mystery that attracted so much eventually became annoying. It’s like being in love. Traits of a person that you like and seem so original can then cause irritation. In this case, it is worth considering: do the same situations happen in your life, perhaps the choice of a scent is just a continuation of this story. Then you should spend more time getting to know the fragrance before buying it. And in life, pay more attention to details.

Another example: a girl decided to buy a fragrance for work, so as not to annoy her colleagues, she was attracted by freshness and lightness in the Vanilla perfume. But in the end, he began to annoy her with chemical notes, the freshness sounded artificial. Colleagues liked the scent, but she herself could not wear it.

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