What are Visiting Rights for Fathers, and What is Child Support Used For?

Divorces get distressing, especially when it involves issues related to children. Typically, no parent wants to get separated from their child. Ultimately, in divorce, either of the parents has custody of the child, and the other has visitation rights.   It’s the judge who makes the final decision on child custody or visitation. However, the judge may not make any decision […]

Are there Federal And Work Restrictions for Emancipated Minors?

Maybe you’ve been considering taking up a summer job, as a way to save up some money for college. Teenagers and minors across the United States of America are showing keen interest in being financially independent at a young age. Although, on paper, the minimum age requirements can put certain limitations on a teenager’s prospects for job opportunities. If you […]

Nursing Home Abuse & The Need for Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

Every year, about 4 million older adults are affected, injured, physically or psychologically abused due to neglect. Nursing home setting often leads to mistreatment experiences, but it is tough to know who is liable for the same. A personal injury, medical malpractice, abuse often cause harming the patient’s health. Seeking help from a personal injury lawyer Dallas makes sense. They […]