How To Make Your Kids More Environmentally Conscious?

How To Make Your Kids More Environmentally Conscious?

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Once you start to buy eco-friendly products in Ghana, you are inviting an environment-friendly culture into your home. And we shouldn’t be the ones to tell you how crucial that is today. Every family must inculcate the concept of loving, respecting, and contributing to the environment. In case, it is not happening in your home, start it today.

Simply making your kids read about environmental hazards in their school books won’t help. Make them take action, as you make changes around them. Let them know that a lifestyle that supports nature and limits its harm is ideal. The sooner you teach them about climate changes and what role do we all have, the better. However, the question as a responsible parent is how? What steps do you need to take so that you can make your kids more environmentally conscious?

If you are planning on making them sit and lecture them about it, you might as well stop and save your time now. Words aren’t enough to bring a change as major as an eco-friendly lifestyle. Forcing environmentally conscious decisions on them will not make them do it for a long time. But when you introduce it into their lives subtly, they do it forever and even encourage others to do so.

Adapting to a conscious living and some other relevant strategies is the only way you can make this happen. Learn more about these below:

  • Replace their things with Eco-friendly Products

From your kid’s insulated water bottle to lunch boxes, school bags, and more, let everything be eco-friendly. Give them time to understand and accept that by using these, they are doing a job greater than anyone else. Make them appreciate these sustainable products. Praise them often for being responsible children for contributing to nature’s well-being. This will encourage them to keep using eco-friendly accessories without any problem.

When you don’t replace all the nature-harming products they own, your notion of saving the environment would mean nothing. Therefore, make sure you are also avoiding plastics, and switching to eco-friendly means as much as possible. Besides, buying eco-friendly products in Ghana is not a daunting task. You can do it online, anywhere, anytime.

  • Spend More Time Outdoors

Today, when most kids are caught up with mobiles and laptops, it is easier to forget how crucial spending time out in nature is. That’s where you as parents are challenged. It is your job to ensure that your kids are giving a fair amount of time to the environment. You could make them play outside with their friends, or do activities like gardening together.

This will not only make them more environmentally conscious in the times to come but benefits their well-being too. Being in nature is proven to heal an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional health. If your child does outdoor activities in routine, they are investing in a lifetime of health support, plus it is always going to be refreshing.

  • Introduce Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse

From a very age, kids are taught about the 3R’s: Recycling, reducing, and reusing. But as mentioned above, information isn’t going to bring change, action is. So, at home, keep practicing recycling yourself and make sure your kids are involved in the act. Never miss out on an opportunity to talk about these 3R’s. Teach them one by one, how to act on all three of these practices.

How they can contribute to reusing by using some items again and again instead of just throwing them away. It also allows them to save money. You can reduce the amount of waste by using durable lunchboxes instead of plastic bags and taking your paper carry bags when out in the market, etc. Lastly, the things that can be recycled shouldn’t be carelessly thrown away. Their old school notebooks, books, cardboards, and more can be recycled. Keep 3 separate dustbins at your home with labels to make it easier.

  • Make them Love and Plant Tress

Kids at a young age can form opinions based on what they see and what you tell them. Hence, if you want them to love trees and nature? Let them know when they are still learning and curious. Apart from spending time outside, you can get them fun coloring books and children’s comics that highlight trees and teach them how great they are.

Once in a while, you can conduct tree planting exercises. Especially on days like Earth Day. While you are involved in tree planting, also talk about the benefits of doing this activity. Tell them about the different types of trees and keep their interest so that they can’t wait for the next tree planting session.

  • Encourage the Love of Animals

Most children love animals, they find them adorable and fascinating. You can use this to make them love the environment too. By using products and having a lifestyle that is not nature-supportive, you are making living tough on animals as well. You can raise awareness among your children that loving nature means caring for the animals

The best way to encourage affection for animals is having a home pet. However, not everyone can have a pet at home due to many reasons. In this case, planning occasional trips to wildlife sanctuaries, reserves, and more will work. When they will be cautious about not harming stray animals in any way, they will automatically start using eco-friendly products in Ghana.

5 Common Tips to Live Eco-friendly Everyday

  • Turn off the lights and electrically run equipment when not in use. Never leave even a single bulb on when there’s no one in the room.
  • Do not waste food at any cost. Cook, eat and order only a sufficient amount of food. Food wastage is a common issue that is affecting the environment majorly.
  • Find a good eco-friendly products store and switch to these products now like a durable insulated water bottle, backpack, or more.
  • Try to opt for recycled products along with giving away products for recycling. Additionally, reuse whenever possible.
  • Prevent over-usage of water. Try to use minimum water when taking a bath (1 bucket is ideal), do not keep the water tap open unnecessarily, fill your glass according to how thirsty you are.


If you have decided to raise your kids more environmentally conscious, you are already on the right path. The next step is to know what you can do about that. The decision to live an eco-friendly life is a vast concept. Every day you can learn and adapt to make sure that you are headed where you want to.

The points that we have mentioned above for you are the basic changes that you can bring to your home. It is never too late to do something noble. You can start today with these little steps. As far as shopping for eco-friendly products for your kids is concerned, visit The Box Concept. They are a Ghana-based business offering quality sustainable, eco-friendly products in Ghana at an affordable price. So that you can shop the best, help nature without denting your pocket. Here you can choose from lunchboxes, backpacks, dinnerware, water bottles, and accessories like sustainable sunglasses, boots, bags, and more.

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