The Most Incredible Places In England

The Most Incredible Places In England

Incredible Places In England

England – it’s a name that sparks visions of lovely countryside landscapes and a monarchial history filled with many plots, turns and twisty intrigues. England, of all of the countries in Europe, has the most bloodthirsty history involving the English crown. That said, England is also a place of incredible art, architecture, culture, multiple languages and some of the oldest monuments on earth. A visit to England will leave you changed forever.

1.  The White Cliffs of Dover

A very well-known and much documented landmark, the magnificent white Cliffs of Dover are some of the loveliest cliffs in the world. They are striking, protecting the English coastline for centuries, looking out towards France and the Strait of Dover, raising up to a height of 350 feet.

2.  Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is a collection of ginormous hexagonal shaped black basalt columns which were formed by volcanic activity nearly 50 to 60 million years old. While in NI, be sure to always visit the Dark Hedges, a tunnel made out of Beech trees, which was cinematized as the ‘King’s Road’ in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

3.  Wistman’s Wood

Dartmoor is all about high cliffs, peat bogs and beautiful forests, such as the legendary Druids’ grove, Wistman’s Wood. Located high up on the Dartmoor hills, this is a very unique forest scattered with moss and lichen-covered boulders that give it a magical atmosphere.

4.  Loch Ness

You cannot visit England and come back without seeing the Loch Ness! It’s one of the most famous lakes in the Scottish Highlands. This huge, deep and amazing lake is supposed to be inhabited by mythical monster called Nessie. People still believe that this monster lives in the lake, and keep an eye out.

5.  Llanberis Pass

Be sure to visit this mountain pass that’s over 8 kilometers long. Stretching from Llanberis to Pen-y-Pass, this chalk-strewn pass has many mountain walks. You can walk all the way to the pretty town of Betws-y-Coed and to Snowdon from here.

6.  Glen Nevis

If you want to check out some of the prettiest spots in Scotland, then you must visit Glen Nevis, located at the foot of the highest mountains in the UK –Ben Nevis. Glen Nevis is a pretty, flower-strewn valley with lovely picnic spots, springs, brooks and waterfalls – just outstandingly beautiful.

7.  Rye, East Sussex

Rye is one of the prettiest towns near the East Sussex coast.  Full of beautiful cobbled lanes with medieval wooden cottages on the side, this town is a must-visit. There’s also a 14th-century Ypres Tower that has been folded into the Rye Castle Museum. If you want amazing views of the town, head to the Norman St. Mary’s Church.

8.  Llanthony Priory

In South Wales, you’ll find the beautiful Vale of Ewyas, located close to the Black Mountains. There, amidst a riot of greenery and wildflowers is a lovely but the Llanthony Priory, which dates back to the 1100s. It was a ruined former Augustinian Priory that fell prey to Henry VIII’s church reformation. Now only the lovely ruins exist. This place is such a lovely treat, that you’ll be glad you obtained your UK visa, just for this sight!

9.  Whiteless Pike

The Lake District is one of the loveliest spots in England. Be sure to visit Whiteless Pike, a hilly range that tops the lovely Lake Buttermere, and lakes Crummock and Loweswater. The views and smells are simply amazing – perfect tourist picnic spot.

10.  Gold Hill

It’s called Gold Hill, but it is a steep cobbled street in Shaftesbury, Dorset, lined with the prettiest cottages. The road goes down so steeply you’ll find it hard to keep your balance. And yet the houses are straight – it’s all about the foundations. Don’t miss a visit to this romantic lane.

11.  Tresco Abbey Gardens

Cornwall is one of the prettiest parts of England, especially Tresco Abbey, located in the Isle of Scilly, off Cornwall’s coast. Both the Tresco Island and the Abbey are top beauty spots, with their collection of 20,000 plants sourced from 80 global destinations.

12.   Kynance Cove

Cornwall is known for its amazing beaches – the loveliest being Kynance Cove beach in Lizard peninsula. The beach is covered with sugar white sands, and the blue seas are perfectly tranquil. You’ll forget that you’re in cold Cornwall, imagining yourself to be somewhere in the Mediterranean. Be sure to explore the beach’s secret coves, islands and many caves.


England is far lovelier than anyone knows and now you know it. Whether you want to dig into medieval history or old ruins or romantic natural landscapes – England has it all for you. Be sure to explore all the delights of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall.

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