Food Delivery Trends At The Peak of Its Popularity: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Food Delivery Trends At The Peak of Its Popularity: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Food Delivery Trends

Think about the cheesy pizza with a side of French fries!

We can imagine your mouth watering; after all, who doesn’t like savoring flavors of food? But unfortunately, the pandemic took away that one thing from us that kept us charged and contributed to improving our mood swings- FOOD! 

Everyone began cooking cuisines at home; however, it became challenging to satisfy our taste buds because, in the end, we’re not professionals! 

Luckily, food delivery came like a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel! Everyone began ordering food online using the food ordering apps, and it got applauded and appraised to be the invention of the decade. 

Earlier, people used to go to restaurants or cafes to chit-chat with their friends and grab a bite. However, now this leisure time has shifted to the personal space i.e., our homes, and we can order food straightaway from our favorite places. 

Are you hooked up with the food industry and are happy to witness the advancement of the same? Well, just don’t be satisfied but contribute to your customer’s happiness by building a food delivery app for your business. 

Don’t you want to offer convenience to your customers by delivering your delicious meals at their doorstep?

To make it easier for you, this article will highlight the food delivery trends that will complement the industry in 2021 and beyond.

So, are you excited?

Food Delivery App Trends 2021 

Do you want to make your food delivery system faster and reliable? Then, take a look at these trends!

1. Tech Giants Entering the Space 

It all started back in 2017 when Amazon obtained Whole Foods, following which Uber launched UberEats. The trend started about four years back and is still continuing because of the revenue being generated by the industry. 

Not to overlook mentioning, food delivery app development gained emphasis after the pandemic. Surprisingly, it broke all the records of revenue generation from the platforms over the last few years. 

The tech giants don’t seem to stop anytime soon!

2. Restaurant Delivers the Mouth-Watering Food 

Many restaurants or food hubs have now started developing their delivery apps than leaning on third-party platforms. 

What is the reason behind choosing in-house delivery?

It is because these platforms curb their capacity to differentiate from the opposition and other small participants!

3. Delivery Using Drone 

Do you know what’s cool for the audience? 

Getting their food delivered via the latest technology that is Drones. 

Yes, you’ve read that right, and surprisingly, many firms have been doing it for the past few years. 

Were you not aware?

Let’s talk with the examples, and one of the biggest instances is of Domino’s that delivered pizza in New Zealand via a drone. 

4. Grocery Delivery 

Customers look for more and more convenience, which is why grocery stores are also expanding their methods to rope in more consumers. 


Grocery delivery app development is the solution! 

These apps allow customers to add the items they want to purchase in the cart within the app. Furthermore, users can place the order easily and also pay online during the checkout process. 

5. Delivery by Robots  

As we’ve already talked about delivery using drones, now is the time to emphasize food delivery using robots. 

With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence by mobile apps across various industries, the food delivery industry has also adopted the use of tech. 

For instance, an American food delivery firm named Doordash started offering food delivery services in 2019. 

6. Contactless Delivery 

As mentioned above, food delivery apps started getting emphasized only after the pandemic due to the terror it had developed. While the guidelines related to social distancing had to be followed, not stepping out of the house was the best option to avoid coming in contact with people. Therefore, firms initiated contactless delivery that also helped building trust with the customers, and users began opting for the services.

7. Crowdsourcing 

Crowdsourcing has become one of the popular trends of the food delivery industry!


It is not easy to hire and retain drivers that’ll deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep. Also, you can not be certain of the traffic on the way, which is why it is an exceptional idea to crowdsource. 

All you have to do is leverage the local drivers for the distribution process, which is likely to accelerate the mechanism. Notably, there is ‘n’ number of firms already working with the plan. 

8. Virtual Kitchens 

Have you heard about cloud kitchens? 

Well, these kitchens only take orders for delivery! The trend became tremendously popular in 2020 and is still a highlight. 

The business owners need a space to set up a kitchen, eliminating the dining area. The customers can place their meal orders via the dedicated mobile app, after which the food can be delivered to places. 

Adopting this model will save a lot of expenses and resources, which otherwise will have to be invested. 

Isn’t it an intriguing idea?

Building Your Own Food Delivery App

The current food delivery market is booming with profits as people have found their go-to option for food ordering from their favorite places. Therefore, this is the best time to develop your food delivery app and enjoy the higher benefits that you’ll acquire. 

Notably, for developing a successful mobile app, analyze all the above-mentioned trends properly and opt for the ones that best complement your business. Additionally, as more and more firms are adopting these trends, it is vital to incorporate unique features into your app to make it stand out from the crowd. Only then you’ll be able to catch your consumer’s eye, and they’ll prefer buying your services. 

Are you confused about getting started? 

Don’t worry because reaching out to professionals can help you a lot! So, connect with the best app development companies and acquire more insights into your idea. 

Are you all set to witness your business skyrocket? 

Happy innovation!

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