How Do homeschooled kids Make friends?


Homeschooled is a progressive movement that allows a child to learn within the premises of his own house, unlike traditional schools that require one to come to a particular place with its routine. Some parents believe that traditional schooling hinders the holistic growth of a child.

But what people wonder all the time is how do kids who are home-schooled make friends! Well, they do so by interacting and meeting with people in the real world just like adults.

Forced associations in the classroom and socialisation in the real world with various people are two very different things. Friends out there in the real world can be of different ages, different backgrounds. Real friends do not come segregated in a class according to their age. Traditional schools teach people that friends mostly are the same age. It is not necessarily true.

What can one do?

There are a lot of ways in which home-schooled kids can socialise and make new friends.

  • Interact – This is one of the best things that a student can do. Interact!  Interact with the students, interact with the teacher and interact with the parents. Apart from the official interaction which takes place in the presence of an instructor throughout studying online, students are also encouraged to form their informal groups which not only reduce their stress but also create a sense of belongingness, helping develop close relations amongst them.
  • Seeing the world around – This is one of the advantages that homeschooled kids have over the traditionally schooled kids. While most of the other students are sitting in their classrooms following a monotonous routine, a homeschooled kid can go out in the real world to explore and learn things better. One can simply head to the playground or the library or any other place where he or she can play and learn at the same time. By doing so, a homeschooled kid can find other such kids and make new friends.
  • Pursue hobbies – Homeschooled kids have an advantage over the traditional school kids, and that advantage is of a “flexible routine”. Homeschooled kids can fix their routines to manage enough time to pursue their hobbies. They can join interest groups or social groups as they please, enroll in an institute or sports, and not only excel in those skills but also meet numerous like-minded people to be friends with. This proves to be an effective method to hit both the birds with one stone.
  • Host get-togethers – Homeschoolers tend to know a lot of people with the same as well as different mindsets. They can easily host get-together sessions with those people and deepen the depth of their friendships, as well as be a catalyst for new friendships. Various events such as debates or what’s indoor play sessions can be held. Debates can be an amazing activity to boost not just their knowledge, but also confidence. Debates are held in a healthy environment where people with contrary opinions counter each other and share thoughts. These tend to prove to be an efficient way of making new friends.
  • E-sports – The technology has been so advanced in gaming these days that it allows people sitting in two different parts of the world to come and play together. Taking a break or two in between the study hours is an efficient way to recharge your energy and learn better. As online gaming is becoming more and more collaborative, it develops a sense of unity, teamwork, and belongingness in the students. It allows students to make new friends from different parts of the world.
  • Creating content – Since home schools have a flexible routine, they have more time to invest in content creation. Today’s generation is actively involved in creating sharing and consuming creative content. Creating Memes, making videos, or even uploading static posts allows one to engage with a lot of audiences. Since almost everybody is creating, consuming, or sharing content, it allows one to meet people from different walks of life and thus make more friends.

It is often wrongly assumed that homeschooling isolates kids and allows no social life that is I have no friend. But, over time it has been crystal clear that homeschooling or online schooling allows students to broaden their prospects and make friends out in the real world.

Choosing a proper school for a child is a crucial decision to be made by the parents. There are various schools to facilitate homeschooling.

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