Best At-home preschool activities for homeschooled kids

Best At-home preschool activities for homeschooled kids

homeschooled kids

Being in your house during this can be stressful, monotonous, and outright boring for your children. Online school and Virtual classes can become hectic for children. Their only source of entertainment, education, socializing, and growth is the internet. This lifestyle has many negative aspects because the children have not been able to experience life as it should be. Playing sports, making friends, socializing physically, and every small activity that they haven’t been doing plays vital roles in the emotional, physical and mental development of children. We at ‘The Class of One’ want our kids to overcome these hurdles while focusing on their safety, therefore, today we bring to you the best at home preschool activities so that our children keep growing!

Listening to music!

Listening to music can help children understand the value of an expression and it helps the child’s cognitive ability, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Listening to music can help them learn and understand the meaning of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while teaching them the value of self-expression. Music helps develop memory skills. With music, parents can also see how their child is reacting to different types of sounds. 

Indulging in art and craft!

Colours can be beneficial in affecting body functions, emotions, and the development of the mind. Colours help in the development of creativity, productivity, and learning. Colours also teach children the value of expression and communication. Children often use pictures and drawings to relate and express their emotions and it can also be helpful for the parents to get an insight into their children’s emotions. Therefore, choosing the right colours for children is important, choosing dark and dull colours for children is not at all good. Children should also wear bright, joyful, and energetic clothes. Indulging in art and craft can also help develop a hobby for the future. Craft can help children understand the mechanisms of building and creating something. It can help children be creative and understanding.

Solving puzzles and Riddles!

Solving puzzles and riddles improves reasoning and creativity, it forces them to analyse, understand and use logic to solve the puzzles. This is essential because problem-solving is a really important skill of life and children indulging in such activities also learn decision making. Riddles make children think out of the box and help them solve problems and answer questions, it teaches them the importance of logic and also makes them better readers and listeners. It makes the children solution-oriented and finding the means to an end. It can also teach them to understand how to behave in different situations and learn the importance of perspectives.

Playing board games!

Playing board games such as Monopoly, The Game of life, Ludo and others can help them learn the importance of strategy and planning. T. Boone Pickens once said, “A fool with a plan is better off than a genius without a plan.” Playing board games can help them improve their ability to perceive and cognitive functions and they are fun to play. Playing these games often teaches you lessons about victory and defeat and can help your child learn how to lose with dignity and win with grace. Playing these games also teaches patience, determination and teaches children how to set their goals, which is important.

Watching movies and TV shows

Watching movies can help a child in ways that you can’t imagine, visual memory has more retention and therefore children learn more with things that are visible to them. Watching movies such as The Lion King, Cars, Up and others can be a source of entertainment for children but it can also be a source of learning. Children learn different emotions, the importance of bonds and family, managing their relationships, and much more. These are skills that are often overlooked but are very important for a child’s emotional and psychological development.  Roger Ebert once said, “Art is the closest we can to understanding how a stranger feels.” Every movie carries a message and parents should make sure that their children watch movies that have a great message behind them. Movies can also be an escape into relaxation and a stress-free environment, it can also uplift moods.

Helping with household chores

This is the most overlooked thing that should be a part of every child’s life. Household chores are a great source of bonding with the family and also learn various important life skills. These chores help children value their lives and teach them gratitude. It also teaches children to be independent and Confident about themselves.

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