How to Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Agency

How to Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Agency

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A study indicates that more than 80% of consumers strongly consider recommendations from their social connections. This is the primary reason why businesses are partnering with influencers to promote their brands, products or services. These brands heavily rely on marketing for exposure and influencer marketing is the most popular one among the ones in use today.

This is where the role of an influencer marketing agency comes into the picture. Though it is very efficient you need to conduct one properly and these are some things you should consider before hiring one.

How to Choose Influencer Marketing Agency

1. Research their clients    

Check and inquire about the agencies on your list. You would want to work with one that has some experience and successful campaigns to their name. See which type of industries and what clients they have worked with. Also, check and find out the type of influencers they usually partner with.

This will help you deduce if the agency is a good fit for your influencer marketing needs. If the agency is always collaborating with top of the line influencers then it will raise the cost of the campaign and if you are a small business then it might not be the best idea or agency to go forward with.

It is best to find an agency that works with influencers and clients of all sizes and budgets and with experience of running campaigns from your line of business.

2. Understand their campaign processes

Also, learn about their work processes while in a campaign. This will explain the way they conduct their business and what it will be to work with them. Ask them how they start a new project, what they consider while choosing an influencer, a platform and what would be their strategy for a business like yours.

Also, inquire and find out whom you would need to get in touch with to manage your campaign and handle your account. You should know how to contact them, what is their TAT for queries, what kind of reporting schedule will they adhere to, their working hours etc.

3. Discuss the type of influencer marketing strategies

Brands leverage different types of influencer marketing strategies on social media to increase engagement, reach and finally sales. Before you hire an agency you would need to find out what types of campaigns they have experience in. Check if they have achieved success in implementing popular marketing strategies for their clients.

4. What do their clients say?

Also, find out what their clients have said about working with their agency. Mostly the agencies post positive testimonials on their own web portals. To get a balanced viewpoint you will need to search external sources like Quora or other community forums.

Sometimes you might come across fake reviews custom-made by the agencies to improve their credibility.  Try reaching out to current or historical clients for genuine feedback.

5. Determine correct expectations

Make sure you are on the same page. Set clear goals and communicate clearly what the agency needs to do for you. Goals like wider social exposure, improved online visibility, higher engagement or more conversions need to be communicated clearly for appropriate planning.

Discussing your goals will let you know if the agency is up to the task or not. Ask them to be honest about their capability to meet your expectations or not.

With a growing number of businesses investing in influencer marketing agencies your choice matters. Choose the best-suited influencer marketing agency for your campaign.

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