10Things to Consider When Choosing a Door Hinges and Hardware

10Things to Consider When Choosing a Door Hinges and Hardware

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Cabinet and wardrobe doors are undeniably the most important part of your home interiors. They have a critical role in keeping your essentials safe and organized. They are opened and closed an infinite number of times in a day and still function smoothly. 

Do you know what makes them function so well for years? The credit goes to their incredible hinges. 

Hinges are an indispensable part of any door. With their rotating axis, they allow a swift movement between the door and its frame. But how to find the perfect hinges for cabinet doors?

Choosing the best hinges for cabinet doors or Wardrobe Hinges may seem easy, but it is not. There are different factors that you need to consider while buying them, like what your door type is or cabinet/wardrobe construction. 

But don’t worry, we are here to help.

In this article, we will list some of the factors that you must consider to make a wise choice while buying hinges.

1. Cabinet Construction Type

With the cabinet construction type, we are referring only to the cabinet box. There are two types of cabinet boxes:

2. Face-Frame Cabinets

As the name signifies, the cabinets have a frame attached to their front. The face-frame adds extra strength to the cabinet, along with adding dimensions to the door fronts. 

3. Frame-less Cabinets

Frame-less cabinets, as the name already says, these cabinets do not have a face-frame. They depend on thicker side panels for strength. 

4. Cabinet Door Types

There are four types of cabinet doors:

Overlay Doors: The door’s size is bigger than the opening owing to which it sits outside the opening, covering the front completely.

Full Inset Doors: The door sits completely in the opening and flushes with the cabinet’s surface.

Partial Inset Doors: A part of the door is inset into the opening, and the other one overlays the opening.

Offset Doors: Like partial inset doors, the hinge is mounted on the surface and is completely visible.

For every door type mentioned above, specific hinges are available. To ensure what kind of hinge you need to purchase, precisely evaluate the type of door type you have. 

5. Environment

The environment of your place also helps in determining the type of hinge you should purchase. If you live in a place where the environment is humid, you must go for rust-resistant hinges. By investing in such hinges, you can ensure the long-lasting and hassle-free working of your doors.

6. Size

All your cabinets and wardrobes may not be of the same size and design. Therefore, while buying the hinge, you must focus on the size factor. Pay attention to the hinge height, width, and knuckle length. Buying a hinge that does not fit into the object you intend to use, you are wasting your money and efforts. 

7. The choice between traditional and living

The next factor you need to consider is whether to go for traditional hinges or the living one. The traditional hinges are made of robust material like stainless steel. On the other hand, the living hinges are more flexible and soft, making them absorb more shock. Therefore, choose a hinge that works best for you.

8. Fastener Holes

Before investing in a hinge, check how many fastener holes it has and where they are located. The more holes a hinge has, the more screws you can use to keep the frame attached to the door. Choosing a hinge with an accurate number of holes will allow you to create a strong & secure joining between the door and the frame. 

9. Strength

If you want to use a hinge for heavy-duty applications like attaching a heavy door to the frame, go for the one made from strong material like stainless steel. For light-weight doors, you can use other hinges made of flexible and soft materials.

10. Design

Design plays a crucial role while buying a hinge. There are different types of hinges, depending on their visibility when the door is opened or closed. Therefore, you must go for a hinge that complements the design and color of your cabinets and wardrobes. By selecting the right hinges, you can enhance the interiors of the home without compromising on functionality. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the factors you can take into account to get the best hinges for cabinet doors and wardrobes. With the right hinges by your side, you can give your cabinets much-needed functionality and appeal.

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