Boost Your SMB Website Ranking Like An SEO Pro

Boost Your SMB Website Ranking Like An SEO Pro


Positions on the opening of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are the top priority of businesses nowadays. Rankings certainly matter when it comes to traffic, leads, and conversions and keeping the pace in the race with the competitors. However, most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) worry about their site SEO, especially because of budget. Secondly, difficulty in finding reliable and result-focused SEO Services in Australia. Therefore, we have set out to resolve these issues by dropping some tips that will help boost your SMB website ranking.

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1. Google my Business

Google my business profile helps you present your business information via Google. It is more than a business listing, making connecting with users across Google easy. Therefore, start with claiming your profile for your SMB in case you don’t have one.

2. Long-tail keywords are perfect for you.

For high ranking, you need the right keywords; high performance, less competition, and highly relevant. Long-tail keywords have less completion and are search-intent-specific. Utilizing those can help you track huge SEO and ranking benefits. SEO Services in Sydney deal with keyword-related aspects of all niche websites with excellent reliability and increase your content performance.

3. Work on your page speed 

Since June 2021, Google has been rolling out the core web vitals as the ranking factor. So if you haven’t speed up your web pages, quickly get it done. To boost your SMB website ranking, optimize whichever images, code, caching, or redirects are causing the increased loading time.

Otherwise, your website users will abandon it, and Google will be lowering the ranks if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. 

4. Backlinks

Backlinking, which holds a critical value as an SEO tactic, is a way to link the content of website and web pages to other websites. It is more like a vote of confidence towards the search engines that the website in question has valuable content. Similarly, search engines also mark them as worth displaying on the SERP. 

It indicates that link building can help you achieve top positions on result pages. Thus, earn backlinks from authentic websites and fix the broken links from and on your site (beware of the spam leading to instant ranking).

Don’t focus only on your present website performance. Instead, look out for quality SEO Services in Melbourne to streamline your long-term success on search engines, whether relating to content or linking.

5. Avail of HTTPS for your website 

Another tip that can help you boost your SMB website ranking on SERP is to make your website secure at best. HTTPS websites always have the edge over insecure sites on search engines, especially in the eCommerce niche. Besides, users entrust their personal and payment information to only HTTPS sites. 

6. Trim Your Website Old Content 

Users like trendy information; thus, your website should be catering to their needs the way the users like it. However, what if the content is outdated? Then, users will not browse it.

Therefore, not only for users but also to support high rankings, you need to work on your keywords and adjust your content accordingly. Furthermore, alongside working on your website, main pages like homepage, products pages, landing pages, etc., refresh your blog segment content as well. Because search engines crawl and rank the edited content again and you will observe a boost in your website traffic too. 

7. Clean sweep the 404 and Redirects 

If your website has issues like 404 errors and redirects to access the requested URLs, it will not do any good. Instead, it will hinder the users and the search engines from crawling and interpret your website because no one will want to visit the site the second time.

Eventually, you will lose customers and lower your rankings (opposite of what you are hoping for – high rankings!). Thus, scan over all the web pages and links to eliminate the said issues (if any) and make your site and all of its pages available at all times.

It does not matter where you and your business resides and from where you are operating it. SEO makes your SMB approachable to your target audience at the right time. However, the quality of the SEO Services does matter; therefore, stay vigilant while choosing them. SEO Services in Australia take out all the stress of visibility and rankings with professional SEO strategies and boost your SMB website ranking. 

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