Top SAP Modules list in 2021 [SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP SD, SAP HCM, and More]

SAP is an ERP software that enables organizations and companies of all sizes to manage their databases through a single unified system. Moreover, it helps in covering all the facets of business areas by centralizing the data management. Today, businesses worldwide use this top-rated tool to control their functions and manage complex tasks with ease. This powerful software plays a […]

SAP Basis: Manage Your SAP Environment with the Latest Tools

Today, SAP is everywhere and is rapidly growing its horizon and spreading its roots to almost every industry, whether it is finance, media, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Millions of companies and organizations are using SAP – the most popular ERP software for managing their operations related to business. Not only this, but it also helps in handling customer relations efficiently and […]

Why Standard SAP PP is Your Best Friend?

SAP developed the various modules and out of them, one module is SAP PP i.e. System Application and product – production planning. This module is designed to integrate different departments of production and manufacturing. There are various essential components of SAP PP such as work center, data center, CRP, bills of material (BOM), etc. From production planning, products offer a […]