Why Does a Man Choose Red Color in Clothes

Why Does a Man Choose Red Color in Clothes

Man Choose Red Color in Clothes

Social psychologists have long noticed that women in red are more attracted to men than in clothes of neutral and calm shades. However, not only women. Subconsciously, men often choose red gadgets and vehicles, clothes and accessories, for example cashmere red scarf. What is the reason that a man chooses red?

This dependence is quite understandable, and to a large extent from the point of view of biology. Not only human males like red, some primate males, for example, also distinguish red from others.

 The Legacy of Distant Ancestors

It is quite obvious that red is the most noticeable color both in nature and in the metropolis. Do you want to stand out in the gray faceless crowd? A smartphone in a red case, a red car body, even a red tie will definitely attract attention. This is one of the few colors that can have a real impact on a person’s well-being, his behavior in society and even on intimate relationships. Psychologists lead such a subconscious perception of red from ancient times, when primitive warriors going to hunt applied patterns on their bodies, but not just any, but a mixture prepared from red clay that imitates blood, reminiscent of the thin border between life and death.

Examples of the use of red shades can be found in many different areas: from royal robes and symbols of power to football uniforms of famous clubs and red-light districts in European and Asian metropolitan cities.

Modern men do not often choose red clothes for themselves, but the Middle Ages literally dazzled with all sorts of shades of red in the outfits of noble nobles. Red trousers, camisoles, shoes and even stockings – red attracted the attention of women, forced the environment to reckon with such a person and respect. Men of the 21st century, limited by a strict dress code, as compensation for the impossibility of such total use of red in their wardrobe, focus on small but effective accessories. Thus, a red tie complementing the business image makes the owner more authoritative in the eyes of those around him, his opinion is more readily listened to.

The color of dominance It is not enough for men living now to attract attention to themselves: in most countries, there are more women than representatives of the stronger sex, and it is not difficult to find a pair for themselves. But the actual problem of the modern man is high competition: career, personal, social.

 This natural feature can be observed on almost “relatives”: the hierarchy in the mandrill monkey tribe is such that the strongest alpha males have the most striking red muzzles and gluteal muscles. This is the color of warning, the color of danger for those in the monkey hierarchy below: do not mess with me, I am strong, and you will lose in this fight.

And even if the blood of people cannot saturate the skin color so much that it seems bright red, modern men more than compensate for this, for example, with sports uniforms in boxing, football, basketball and other team and individual sports. The sight of red fabric brings dissonance to the mind of the opponent, as it declares its advantage, aggression, and dominant position. And all this is completely legal.

Personal Characteristics of a Man Who Prefers Red

Psychologists say that to one degree or another a man who prefers red color has the following qualities: love of life, energy; ambition; high (and sometimes overestimated) self-esteem; curiosity; a sense of one’s own superiority; such men deliberately try to look more attractive to the opposite sex; desire to dominate, courage, strong will; men who choose red are often in excellent health and in good physical shape.

At the biological level, such men, as a rule, have a high level of testosterone, which determines their positioning themselves in society and in personal relationships. The life of lovers of red is usually full of events and people that make it rich and vibrant. As bright as red.

Red in Men’s Wardrobe

cashmere red scarf
cashmere red scarf

Bright clothing has become popular in modern times. If earlier the appearance concerned only girls, now bright clothes have become popular among men. Most often, bright clothes are worn during warm periods. She also emphasizes the figure well and attracts attention. But not every man can wear bright colors. Of course, you need to get used to the new fashion, it is not easy for someone, while others easily and with interest try on new images and styles. Correctly selected clothing will emphasize male attractiveness, so you need to be able to choose the type of clothing and its colors. So how can a man do this when it comes to red. Since it is quite bright and defiant, this is a real problem.

Red goes very well with green, blue, orange, brown, blue and white. When choosing a color combination, you need to remember that cold tones are combined with cold ones, and warm ones – with warm ones. For example, a cool red jacket will go very well with a blue shirt, this option will look amazing on a man who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Checkered shirts can also be noted. A drawing of a warm brick shade will just look great on both an aged man and a young man. Plaid patterns can be quite contrasting, so you should not add unnecessary details and decorations to the image in the form of bracelets, bright belts, etc.

A beautiful gray jacket, a red waistcoat, a blue tie, a shirt and a scarf in a jacket, matching the color of the shirt. This look is perfect for men who have dark or light brown eyebrows and hair. This decision is sure to impress. The red color is very eye-catching. Therefore, this tone can complete a calm image.

A cranberry, correctly selected shade will well complement the type of a bright, fashionable and independent man, and even if there is a lot of this color, it will not look catchy, but quite the opposite. It all depends on the correct selection.

A huge wardrobe of bright things is also not worth having, it is better to choose those things that harmoniously complement the everyday look and will be useful when going out. Among these things you should pay attention to: a sweater, shirt, shorts, T-shirt, jacket and dress pants, a coat or a warm jacket for the winter.

The combination of red with blue, black or beige is a classic. Bright clothes can be introduced into almost any style, perhaps only office clothes are an exception – there are other, more restrained requirements for them. If a man does not dare to put on bright clothes, then you can start with bright accessories.

To summarize, it can be emphasized that not all clothes go well with red. This applies not only to red. Any color, if incorrectly selected, will look stupid and ridiculous. Today, every man should know about the combination of colors in clothes, because his image depends on this, an impression that can be fateful. Knowing how to choose the right clothes, a person will feel truly confident.

Hope this article will be useful. More about fashion read here.

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