Why CISCO Certifications Are Important For Your Networking Career

CISCO Certifications

Breaking into the tech industry job market is a challenging task. With millions of fresh graduates in technology every year, the competition is only rising. However, one thing is clear that candidates with credible certifications pass the first filter.

More than 60% of employers rely on certification to check a candidate’s subject matter expertise. On the other hand, almost 72% of employers need certification as a prerequisite for a job opening.

However, there are a lot of IT certifications when it comes to networking meant for different job positions. It is best to go for an industry-recognized provider who is a leader in the niche of networking courses.

CCNA certification course (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the first choice of aspiring networking professionals due to its dominance in networking hardware and solutions. It works as the backbone for many big tech companies that make getting Cisco certified a practical move.

Let’s get to know why Cisco certifications are essential for your networking career.

Cisco Certifications Increase Your Networking Knowledge

One of the biggest reasons to enroll for a Cisco networking certification is to gain relevant in-depth networking knowledge.

Currently, Cisco is offering certifications in five levels: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. Hence, they have a certification for each level of knowledge, ranging from beginners to networking experts and architects.

All these certifications cover a wide range of networking technologies and advancements. Going through a Cisco networking certification validates your knowledge of installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting routed and switched networks.

An individual gets equipped with the necessary expertise to handle real-life networking issues such as risk and maintenance of solutions in giant corporations.

Cisco Certifications Open Up Diverse Career Pathways

As discussed in the above point, Cisco has a certification for every knowledge level. Hence, one can start with entry-level certifications and then grow their skills and certifications as per their interest and job profile. There are networking certifications from Cisco in designing, IoT, routing, and switching, etc.

Getting one entry-level certification from CIsco can open up diverse career opportunities in networking. Moreover, one can become a versatile professional with higher visibility in the job market due to various Cisco certifications. A CCENT certification is your pathway to an open field of great opportunities in networking.

Cisco Certifications Boost Your Salary Prospects

Certifications are a great way to place your foot in a competitive field. However, the proper certification can also boost your compensation massively.

According to a survey, Cisco’s CCNP certification is one of the fifteen top most paying IT certifications with a salary of a whopping $99,000.

Moreover, another popular associate-level certification from Cisco, CCNA, can give you a pay hike of more than 20 percent. Hence, if you are an aspiring networking professional, you must gain Cisco certifications to have an edge above others in terms of compensation. The pay hike is massive due to the sheer effort a candidate has to put in earning the certifications that showcase their attitude and competitiveness.

Cisco Certifications Are Favoured By Employers

Certifications are a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a domain to your potential employer. Hence, by becoming a Cisco certified professional, you gain an advantage in companies over uncertified professionals.

According to a survey, more than 75% of managers prefer Cisco certified professionals for better team performance. This is because organizations with Cisco-certified teams perform 50% more efficiently than average.

Moreover, employers prefer Cisco certifications because they increase customer satisfaction. Certified individuals understand issues easily and offer highly successful solutions.

Hence, an employer stands to gain a lot more with Cisco-certified individuals in terms of better efficiency, work culture and customer satisfaction.


You may already know how competitive the IT industry is getting day by day. Getting Cisco certified will increase your chances of getting hired in the relevant networking field. Moreover, Cisco certifications are not meant for just gaining entry in the networking field.

Instead, it encourages you to reach the pinnacle of your networking career by offering expert and architect-level networking courses. Hence, if you still are on the fence about enrolling for a Cisco certification, know that the benefits are worth every effort.

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