7 Best YouTube Channels for Kids

7 Best YouTube Channels for Kids

YouTube Channels for Kids

Regardless of whether you are stuck inside with your children on a stormy day or need a couple of seconds of harmony without turning on the TV, YouTube has an abundance of instructive channels intended to keep your kids engaged while learning.

Furthermore, now that more and more people are stepping forward to cancel their cable TV on account of yearly increases in prices and lesser original content, you can access YouTube without paying anything extra. All you need is a steady internet connection to entertain your kids with a ton of healthy, child-friendly content. I believe that most of you would already be connected with a decent internet provider, although if you are not, go take a look at Spectrum plans that offer parental control software in addition to the blazing fast internet speeds and unlimited data caps.

We took a gander at the best instructive and engaging YouTube channels accessible for kids and assessed each by the worth of content, quality, appeal, and engagement. The greater part of these channels is centered on tweens and younger children, yet some channels might work for high school kids, too.

Read along to find out the best, most enriching, interactive, and fun YouTube channels for your kids.

Kids Learning Tube

Joining Date: Jan 27, 2015

Number of Subscribers: 1.06 Million

Location: United States

Each video of Kids Learning Tube focuses on a different topic and from vegetables to Earth day, your kids are educated about everything in a way they like: through animation and songs.

The library of Kids Learning Tube has over 380 videos. You can also find out about the domains of videos by clicking on the playlist tab. The categories that this YouTube channel focuses on are Famous Inventors, Earth Science, and Motivational Songs for Kids, etc.


Joining Date: Mar 02, 2011

Number of Subscribers: 14.1 Million

Location: United States

If your kid asks you questions like why are trees important or what is the meaning of time, Ted-Ed is the YouTube channel you need to subscribe to. The videos on this channel are well designed, animated, and engaging not only for the kid but for yourself too.

The Ted-Ed playlist has categorized videos into groups like Exploring the senses, Elections in the United States, Human vs. Viruses, and The power of nature. Some multi-episode series is also available on the channel, most famous being Think Like a Coder and There’s a Poem for That.

Crash Course

Joining Date: May 20, 2006

Number of Subscribers: 12.4 Million

Location: United States

Crash Course, as the name suggests, is one of the most informative and educational YouTube channels for kids. Initially, it started as a channel to teach kids about biology and history, however, it now includes much more subjects like psychology, literature, chemistry, media literacy, and physics. The channel hosts have a good grip on various subjects and explain complex topics in very simple terms.

Some videos are created in partnership with Arizona State University. Topics like navigating digital information, engineering, and artificial intelligence are also discussed in the best possible way.

Homeschool Pop

Joining Date: Mar 25, 2015

Number of Subscribers: 728 Thousand

Location: United States

This YouTube channel focuses on elementary-aged students. The animated videos of Homeschool Pop make learning fun for kids. Several new videos are uploaded in a month to keep the subscribers engaged. Homeschool Pop covers an array of topics including U.S. States, Christopher Columbus, Facts about the Human Nose, and Elephants, etc. All of its videos are categorized based on grade and subject so that you can find appropriate videos for your kid in a snap.

Netflix Jr.

Joining Date: Jan 28, 2012

Number of Subscribers: 7.9 Million

Location: United States

Netflix has become a household brand now and just like it serving everyone’s interests, Netflix Jr. takes proper care of your kid’s interests. Netflix Jr. offers a ton of videos featuring kids’ favorite characters like StoryBots and Dottie Culpepper. Moreover, the channel also offers workout videos for parents for when their child is engaged with the videos. It is a great channel for pre-kindergarten to second-grade students.

Khan Academy

Joining Date: Nov 17, 2006

Number of Subscribers: 6.7 Million

Location: United States

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit educational YouTube channel. It offers an overview of subjects so that kids can understand different and difficult concepts with ease. Subjects like science are further divided into subpart-videos like energy and enzymes, and cellular respiration, etc. Preparation videos for SATs and similar tests are also available on the channel.

Khan Academy is a great learning platform for middle and high school students.

National Geographic Kids

Joining Date: Nov 19, 2014

Number of Subscribers: 541 Thousand

Location: United States

National Geographic Kids is a great channel for kids who are interested in exploring the world. Through this channel, your kid can learn about safe science experiments, venomous animals, oceans, deserts, and space missions, and much more. The channel is best suited for Pre-K to fifth-grade kids.

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