Web App Development Process – Explained Through 5 Critical stages

Web App Development Process – Explained Through 5 Critical stages

Web App Development Process

Web Apps are simplifying the way we access the internet. It has become a day-to-day tool for almost all the activities like work, communication, entertainment, shopping, studying, etc. However, the success of the web App depends on its ability to provide the best experience for its users.

To achieve this, many businesses look for ways to build world-class web Apps.

5 Crucial Stages in Web App Development Cycle:

This article reveals five significant stages to be followed while developing web Apps that would have a high probability of success in the market.

Stage 1 – Know your project vision

The first stage would be to know what’s your product vision. The following are the checklists that need to be addressed;

  • What type of web App do you need?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • What problems does your App solve or why should a customer use your App?
  • What are the primary goals of your App?
  • What features need to be added?

How vague your idea may be, addressing these points would help you get a clear idea how your App should look like. Moreover, this is an opportunity to organize your ideas. However, there’s also an alternative path where you can directly get in touch with a trusted web App development company. This way, you can discuss with a technical expert and expect a fast development. 

Stage 2 – Planning and blueprints

Through the first stage, you and your App development team would have an understanding of the project. Now, this stage involves preparing a roadmap, model, or blueprint with flowcharts and sketches to determine the overall structure of the web application.

These flowcharts (sitemaps) helps the developers to know the relationship between different web pages and the architecture of the App. Besides, it assists to understand how the inner structure of your web App will look and perform.

Step 3 – Discovery Phase

Now, it’s time for the discovery phase where you’ll assign tasks to each team member. Since you have a full project backlog, there’s an option to try out different scenarios and pick the optimal one. Moreover, working with a defined and separate set of requirements will improve productivity to a great extent. Apart from these, the discovery phase allows you to,

  • Describe the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP)
  • Design the App’s infrastructure 
  • Verify the feasibility of the project vision with the help of software prototypes
  • Test various technologies, tools and choose a suitable one
  • Devise a plan for probable technical difficulties 
  • Plan the deployments of your App
  • Know about your customers’ needs, desires, wants, etc
  • Check out the web development trends and implement one in your App

Step 4 – Design and Development

This is where the actual work starts. Tools like Adobe XD and Figma helps in easy collaboration while designing a good UI. You can impress our customers with a colorful interface. Low-fidelity wireframes or mock-ups are an impressive way to make sure your ideas come out well as an App and are intuitive to use. Further, this wireframing stage also acts as an excellent option to double-check if the work is aligned with your vision.

Now, start your development with a fitting framework. For a smooth development, go for agile frameworks and keep a QA specialist in your team. Moreover, run load tests on the environments to test their reaction to the traffic. This stage includes other tasks like,

  • APIs deployment
  • Building and adding App features
  • Adding security layers
  • integrating payment gateways

Stage 5 – Post Launch Support

The work doesn’t stop after you launch the App. Each and every digital product need routine check-ups and enhancements. Hence, you should update or make changes to improve the performance and user experience. These post-deployment services help you to, 

  • Modify the App based on user’s feedback
  • fix bugs
  • Enhance the UI
  • Introduce designs based on new trends
  • Renew licenses
  • Bring in attractive new features

Wrapping Up

Working with a reliable web App development company like Soft Suave would help you build complex applications with these robust development cycles. Soft Suave keep their clients in the loop during every stage to make sure that the core of the application comes out perfectly.

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