Useful Tips & Tricks To Sell Your Used Motorcycle

Useful Tips & Tricks To Sell Your Used Motorcycle

Sell Your Used MotorcycleMotorcycle

So, finally, you have decided to sell your existing motorcycle after riding the same for too long. It’s time for you to own a new two-wheeler after doing the bike valuation online and selling the existing one. It is imperative to follow strategic tips and tricks to sell your second-hand two-wheeler accordingly.

To help you with the same, we have created this blog to let you follow five essential tips to ideally sell your existing motorcycle at an expected price. This guide will help you follow the right path of selling the vehicle online and that too without going here & there out of your precious time.

Without any further ado, let’s get started on the same.

1. First, get the original documents ready

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is get the paperwork ready for your second-hand motorcycle before selling the same. Undoubtedly, any interested buyer will ask for the original set of documents from your side to maintain the authenticity of the selling process. Legally speaking, it is important to have the list of your bike’s papers ready in advance and that too in original condition, before asking people to buy the same from you. From a documents point of view, you must be having the original Registration Certificate, Insurance Document, PUC Certificate, service history booklet, traffic violations documents, and more.

Additionally, you need to have other documents ready like the following ones:

  • Vehicle’s title document to showcase the ownership of your existing motorcycle. At first, you will be the existing owner of the second-hand bike, but after reselling, you need to transfer the name of ownership to per new buyer.
  • · The bill sale agreement of your used bike is another important document that you must carry while reselling the same.
  • The bike selling deposit agreement is another document you need to make sure you have the written proof of the new buyer giving you some deposit amount before making the full and final payment.
  • A bike test drive agreement is also mandatory at the time of reselling your vehicle. As the name implies, this document showcases proof of the good running condition of the bike.

2. Handle the pending mechanical & electrical bike issues

Next to focus on is fixing the pending and long-stretched mechanical and electrical issues of your motorcycle. Selling your existing motorcycle without fixing the pending issues will have a direct effect on its valuation. Therefore, you must consider the necessary repair work and changing of the bike’s spare parts to maintain its condition and then sell the same accordingly.

To make necessary mechanical and electrical adjustments to your used motorcycle, pay attention to the following few things.

  • First, check the engine condition along with spare parts with the help of an automotive partner.
  • Replace the broken and burn out parts, nuts, bolts, and other connecting things of your motorcycle before allowing the new buyer to take a test ride.
  • Do replace the missing nuts, bolts, and screws in an instant.
  • Change the motorcycle oils in terms of engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, and more.
  • Test the battery and its charge. If the battery is already discharged, then get it to charge or replace the same accordingly.
  • Clean the air filter inside your motorcycle, and if required, then change the same.
  • Check and replace the brake pads, shoes, wire, lever, and other connecting points.
  • Do inspect the tires of your motorcycle along with alloys or spoke wheels.

By working on all the above things of your used bike, you will surely increase its value to an optimum extent. And accordingly, check the resale value of the bike online to avail of the best-expected price.

3. Thoroughly wash the bike to enhance its appearance

After doing the necessary repair work, it’s time to enhance the physical appeal of your motorcycle by giving it a thorough wash and polishing. And that too with the help of a professional washing partner. It is essential because days of riding the motorcycle result in the accumulation of grease, dirt, oil, and other impurities around its engine and physical structure.

Dirty-looking motorcycle has a direct effect on its running performance along with valuation. Therefore, it is important to give a necessary wash to your motorcycle along with other things like polishing, redoing the paintwork, if required, applying wax on the surface, adding protective covering, and more.

Once you thoroughly clean and polish the existing motorcycle, you will certainly enrich its appearance to capture the attention of onlookers. Moreover, interested buyers will find the motorcycle good enough to buy at an expected price.

4. Take crystal clear pictures

The next step involves taking clear, amazing, and eye-catchy pictures of your motorcycle for the reselling purpose. Showcasing crystal clear photographs of your motorcycle will increase its value by 5% to 10% respectively. So, either you must be having a feature-rich smartphone, a professional camera, or even hire an expert automotive-specific photographer to take eye-catchy pictures of your bike. Just make sure to have a clean background along with proper lighting while taking pictures of your existing motorcycle. It is best suggested to take a picture during daylight so that every part of your bike is clearly visible to the eyes of onlookers.

5. Check bike value online

The last step in the line is finally doing the bike valuation online, before selling your motorcycle to an interested choice buyer. You can ideally rely on the bike resale value calculator of the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform and even resell the motorcycle on the same site itself. WOT is a special service offering of Hero Motocorp brand that allows existing motorcycle owners to ideally sell their bikes online after doing the valuation. Not only this, the platform further helps bike owners to avail of an amazing bike exchange offer to buy any Hero motorcycle at a discounted price.

Concluding Thoughts

Sell your second-hand motorcycle with ease and that too without facing much hassle. Rely on the above-mentioned tips and tricks to understand the current condition of the bike and further enhance the same. Perform the two-wheeler valuation online at the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform not just to check the price, but also to sell and get a real-time motorcycle exchange offer.

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