Facts about Dental Implants That You Are Not Aware of

Facts about Dental Implants That You Are Not Aware of

Dental Implants

Dental issues are a common phenomenon in every household. Unfortunately, most people do not pay attention to it as long as it does not affect them or disrupt their way of living. Dental issues can not only cause a lot of pain but also make you shy away from the public. For a better understanding, let us consider some examples. If you have a tooth gap or if your teeth are broken or crooked, you tend to shy away from the public. This is because you lose confidence as people laugh at your flaws.

However, if you are suffering from these issues, we have a solution for you. One of the most effective ways to cover flaws in your mouth is by installing dental implants. Now, many of you might ask if dental braces are worthy instead of dental implants. Indeed, braces have the same effect as implants in terms of look. However, with the advancement of technology, dentists have resolved to rely more on dental implants for obvious reasons.

Many people are not aware of some interesting facts about dental implants. Therefore, we have decided to present all the interesting and unknown facts about dental implants in the form of a blog. So, without further delay, let’s get started with the details of the blog.

What are dental implants?

Often you will notice dentists if feeling your tooth gaps with an artificial tooth. These artificial structures that the dental surgeon inserts in place of a tooth are known as dental implants. Before installing the dental implants, the dentist measures the shape and size of your missing teeth. He also matches the artificial teeth with the shade of the natural ones so that it doesn’t look odd.

  • There are several reasons why a dentist relies on dental implants instead of braces. The advantages of installing dental implants are given below:
  • Dental implants give you a feeling of having your teeth. In short, they enhance the appearance by getting fused with the bones.
  • When you have a tooth gap or loose fitted dentures, the tongue and the teeth inside your mouth can sleep and make you fumble. With dental implants, you do not have to worry about speech.
  • With time, dental implants become a part of your original teeth. This removes the discomfort that you are feeling without it.
  • When you have artificial teeth for dental implants that perform the task of your teeth, you do not have to worry about eating.
  • If you have been shying away from the public for so long due to a missing tooth or a crooked tooth, it is time that you install dental implants and improve your self-confidence.
  • Dental implants are durable and last for a long time. However, durability depends on the care that you take.
  • When you install dental implants, you do not have to bother about removing them now and then. Once the doctor installed them, you are good to go.

List of facts about dental implants

When you are about to undergo a same-day teeth dental implant service, it is time to know everything about dental implants. Once you install the dental implants it is a life-changing moment for you. You will be surprised to see that these implants fit into the rest of your teeth and blend very easily. So, here we present before you some unknown facts about dental implants that many will not inform you of.

1. You may need more than one appointment

When you have already found a dental clinic that offers dental implant services, no that you might have to visit this place many times. There is a huge difference between teeth whitening treatment and dental implant treatment. For the former, you might need only one day to visit the dentist, while for the latter, you might need to visit more often, depending on the complications you have. The whole process of dental implantation begins with an x-ray and physical examination first followed by several other treatments as required.

2. Losing a tooth is a common phenomenon

Many people think that they are the only ones who have lost a tooth. In reality, losing a tooth is one of the most common dental problems all over the world. Previously when people used to lose a tooth in their adulthood, they used to forget about not having any solution to it. But when you have dental implants in your hand you do not need to worry.

3. Dental implants have more than aesthetics

When you lose teeth, it is sure to affect the appearance of your smile. Besides, losing teeth can also have a negative impact on speech, eating patterns and functionality. Many people considered dental implants only to have a better smile. However, dental implants can improve your smile, and speech and make you feel comfortable. We recommend you choose implants instead of dentures because implants do not need any restoring or refitting.

4. Implants are artificial structures

Many of you consider dental implants and dental crowns to be synonymous. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Dental implants are artificial metallic structures that are used in place of original teeth. The dentists install these implants in the jawbone. However, before installing them the dentist makes sure that the bone tissue has healed completely. After they have installed the implants, they can fix an abutment and a crown on top of it.

5. It is a low-risk procedure

The success rate of dental implants is mind-blowing. If you keenly study the success rate of dental implants in the past you will notice that there has barely been any failure in the process. However, if you want to know about the process, you can visit here to know more about dental implants.

6. Preparing bone is a must

To install dental implants you have to have very strong bones and the tissues underlying them. If the dentist finds that the bone tissue is not appropriate to hold the implant firmly in place, he will first perform a bone graft before the dental implant. This implies that if the dentist performs a bone graft in your case you will have to wait for the bone to get healed completely. Getting into the process of dental implants before the bone graft gets healed is sure to result in complications.

7. The process has an easy aftercare

After the dentist has installed the dental implants he will convey to you the right process to undertake for a proper aftercare strategy. Make sure to follow each and every word of the dentist for a speedy recovery. Here acknowledge that installing a dental implant is surgery. So, it needs proper treatment and care. Sometimes it can lead to a little bit of discomfort and pain. To get rid of the pain, the dentist may recommend you to sum over-the-counter medications.

8. Dental implant costs can be covered by insurance

Not all people have the ability to undergo dental implant treatment. If you belong to this category, you need not worry about the costs of the treatment. Several medical insurances will cover the cost of a dental implant treatment. Also, some dental clinics offer patients various types of payment plans that they are comfortable with.


Now that you have got to know the unknown facts about dental implants, it is time to find out if you need dental implant treatment. Make sure to pick a reliable dental implant clinic in London for undergoing treatment thoroughly. Also, clarify all your doubts before getting into the treatment.

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