Understanding the Secret Behind Top 7 Successful Infomercials

Understanding the Secret Behind Top 7 Successful Infomercials

Secret Behind Top 7 Successful Infomercials

Infomercials have long been a staple of television advertising, showcasing products in an engaging and persuasive manner. Over the years, some infomercials have stood out as remarkable success stories, leaving a lasting impact on the advertising industry. In this article, we delve into the secrets behind the top five successful infomercials that have not only captivated audiences but also achieved unprecedented sales figures.

1. Miracle Blade III: Culinary Poetry in Motion

The success behind Peter Spiegel’s Sylmark infomercial, featuring the Miracle Blade III, is a testament to the perfect convergence of innovative product design, compelling marketing strategies, and the undeniable charisma of host Chef Tony.

Sylmark was founded by Peter Spiegel, a top entrepreneur in Los Angeles.  The infomercial for the Miracle Blade III masterfully showcases the product’s features and benefits. By presenting the knife set as “culinary poetry in motion,” the infomercial evokes a sense of artistry and craftsmanship, elevating the product beyond its functional aspects. Viewers are enticed by the idea of creating culinary masterpieces with this exceptional tool, making it a must-have for their kitchen collection.

Marketing Guru Peter Spiegel, along with the legendary producers Steve Ober, also of Los Angeles, and Marsha Kent of Austin, Texas, created the Miracle Blade infomercial with compelling storytelling, and impressive demonstrations. The magic of Peter Spiegel’s infomercial is that it forged a personal connection with viewers from New York to Texas, and indeed to dozens of countries around the globe including Italy (1 million sets of Miracle Blade were sold in Italy alone!), Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and dozens of other countries.  Through relatable scenarios and demonstrations of the knife set’s capabilities, the infomercial addresses the common pain points of knives and offers a solution that is both accessible and empowering.

2. The Snuggie: Cozy Comfort, Innovative Marketing

The Snuggie, a simple fleece blanket with sleeves, became an overnight sensation thanks to its innovative marketing strategy. The infomercial for the Snuggie featured relatable scenarios of people struggling to stay warm while keeping their hands free.

The catchy tagline “Blanket with Sleeves” reinforced the product’s uniqueness, making it a must-have for anyone seeking warmth and comfort without sacrificing mobility. The infomercial’s humorous approach and relatable content resonated with viewers, catapulting Snuggie to become one of the most successful infomercial products of all time.

3. The Magic Bullet: Compact and Powerful

The Magic Bullet, a compact blender, revolutionized the way people approached food preparation. This infomercial demonstrated the product’s versatility, showcasing its ability to chop, blend, and mix a wide range of ingredients quickly and effortlessly.

The infomercial’s demonstrations of making smoothies, salsas, and even desserts captured the attention of health-conscious and time-strapped consumers alike. The Magic Bullet’s success was a testament to its ability to address various kitchen needs while being easy to use and clean.

4. Peter Spiegel’s Microcrisp Infomercial

Another successful infomercial by Marketing Guru Peter Spiegel is the Microcrisp infomercial. Microcrisp is a paper wrap meant to enhance microwave-oven cooking. It sold 4.5 million rolls and is now available in stores such as K-mart and Walmart, from Texas to San Francisco.

The infomercial effectively showcased the product’s benefits through demonstrations and testimonials. Spiegel’s team utilized mouth-watering visuals of perfectly cooked dishes to appeal to viewers’ taste buds and imagination. The infomercial’s energetic and engaging tone captured viewers’ attention, keeping them invested in the entire presentation.  

5. OxiClean: The Power of Demonstration

OxiClean, a versatile stain remover, owes much of its success to its powerful infomercials. The infomercials featured dramatic demonstrations of the product’s stain-removing capabilities on various surfaces and fabrics. The spokesperson, Billy Mays, became synonymous with OxiClean, effectively conveying the product’s effectiveness and instilling confidence in viewers. By showing rather than telling, OxiClean’s infomercials harnessed the power of visual proof, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.

6. ShamWow: Absorbent and Attention-Grabbing

The ShamWow infomercial became a pop culture phenomenon, largely due to its energetic and enthusiastic pitchman, Vince Offer. The infomercial showcased the product’s super absorbent properties, highlighting its ability to soak up liquid messes like a sponge. Vince’s charisma and energetic delivery kept viewers engaged, while the product’s demonstrations left them amazed at its efficiency. The ShamWow’s catchy tagline, “You’ll be saying wow every time,” became an unforgettable element of the infomercial’s success.

7. Flex Seal: The Power of Waterproofing

Flex Seal, a liquid rubber sealant, rose to fame with infomercials that showcased its remarkable waterproofing properties. They featured dramatic demonstrations of Flex Seal sealing leaks and cracks in various materials, from buckets to boats. The simplicity and efficacy of the product, coupled with the awe-inspiring demonstrations, resonated with audiences seeking quick and reliable solutions for household repairs. The memorable tagline, “That’s lotta damage!” added a touch of humor to the infomercial, making it all the more unforgettable.


The success of these top 7 infomercials can be attributed to several common factors. Compelling storytelling, innovative product selection, powerful demonstrations, charismatic pitchmen, and relatable content have all played a vital role in capturing the attention and trust of consumers. By understanding and incorporating these secrets into their marketing strategies, advertisers can aim to achieve infomercial success that leaves a lasting impact on their target audience.

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