6 Different Types Of Corsets And How To Style Them

6 Different Types Of Corsets And How To Style Them

Corsets can surely be said to be a real supporter of a woman. By supporting and shaping your body in the desired way, corsets help us to glow in a different way.

There was a time when corsets were very famous and in use. The European elite and noblewomen walked gracefully and stunningly and were very famous for their perfect hourglass figures. What do you think, all of them used to diet or workout to stick to that perfect figure? No, if you think so then you are going wrong here!

All that was the magic of the corsets that were used by noble European women to cinch their waists and tuck their bellies and look just perfect with a perfect figure. But, gradually, corsets lost their popularity a little for some time. However, now they have come back into the game with full-on power.

Corsets have gained back their popularity and this time more than what it had earlier. Corsets have become a wardrobe essential for many women. They just love the fitting and the figure enhancement that a corset provides.

But, the problem arises when you are a beginner at corsetry. There is no one type of corset. There are several kinds, styles, shapes, materials, etc. designed especially for different body types and different purposes. So, if you are a beginner you might end up confused about what is the use of different types of corsets and which one should you opt for!

If you are stuck in this confusion then, here we have brought to you a complete guide telling you what exactly a corset is and what are its different types of corsets present in the market.

What is a corset?

A corset is also an undergarment just like a piece of bra or underwear. It is designed especially for women. The main purpose of a corset is to tightly hold or support your upper body and make it look like a perfect hourglass. A corset hugs a woman’s body very tightly to provide the perfect support.

Wearing a corset lifts up your bust and tucks in your belly creating an illusion of a lean and tall torso. It enhances the overall look of a person.

Corsets are made of different kinds of fabrics like velvet, leather, lace, cotton, brocade, twill, etc. The art of styling or wearing a corset is called corsetry.

Basic kinds of corsets-

1. Underbust corsets

Underbust corsets
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The name in itself is enough to describe what an under-bust corset is. An under-bust corset begins from right below the bust. It ends around the beginning of your lap.

You can wear an underbust corset as an undergarment as well as style them over your outfit.

They are perfect if you just want an hourglass figure and not need too much support on your breast area.

2. Overbust corsets

Overbust corsets
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After underbust corsets come to the overbust ones. The name suggests the idea behind these corsets. These corsets begin from under your arms and end near your hips covering your entire torso. Overbust corsets are just perfect. They support your breasts and shape your waistline as well. Also, underbust corsets provide good support to your back as well.

Just like an under-bust corset, you can style an overbust corset as an innerwear and outerwear both.

These two were the basic types of corsets. Now that you know what an underbust and an overbust corset is, let us have a look at some other types of corsets as well. 

6 Different Types Of Corsets

1. Hourglass corset

Hourglass corset
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The hourglass corsets are the oldest types of corsets. These are the corsets that began the fashion of corsetry in this world. As the name itself suggests, these corsets are specifically designed to give your figure an hourglass shape and make your waist look smaller.

An hourglass corset can come in different types like an under-bust one or an over-bust one or a mid-bust hourglass corset. Also, the necklines may also vary. The design of An hourglass corset is not in a way that presses your lower ribs. Basically, the whole focus when wearing an hourglass corset is on your waist shaping.

In comfort, hourglass corsets are very good. They are easy to carry and easy to style. They are perfect for a beginner in the corsetry business. But, it is not the perfect type if you want to focus on other parts like hips and ribs as well.

2. Pipestem corset

Pipestem corset
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Rigid boning is used in the pipe stem corsets. These corsets compress your entire torso through rigid boning. The motive of wearing these pipe stem corsets is to create an illusion of a long torso.

However, there are a few disadvantages of these types of corsets. One of the major disadvantages is that these corsets create severe strain to the lower back which is a risk to the health in the long term. Hence, the pipe stem corsets are not useful for regular or long-term use.

You can wear these corsets under your clothes just for a purpose of supporting and enhancing your figure. Also, ladies can wear these as tops or combine these with their outfits for a chic look.

3. S-shaped corsets

S-shaped corsets
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These types of corsets are designed with a view of making a woman’s body look like in the shape of an S.

For this purpose, these corsets push your hips back and out and also pop up your breasts.

These corsets have supporting steels at the front which is not too flexible and keep your body intact in the desired shape.

Corsets are also called straight front corsets. These corsets are capable of thinning your waistline up to 3 cm.

4. Wasp corsets

style a corset

If you want an illusion of an extremely small waist then, wasp corsets are your thing. They just cinch your waist to an extreme level making it look extremely small.

These corsets compress your waist to a great extent.  When you wear a waspie corset, your body might

Look like divided into halves as it would press your waist too much. This is why these corsets are named wasp corsets as they make your body look fragmented.

5. Ribbon corset

Ribbon corset
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The ribbon corsets are perfect for those who want to wear a corset on a daily basis. These corsets are specially designed to be worn regularly. The ribbon corsets are made up of very light fabrics like cotton.

Also, ribbon corsets are not designed to tuck your body very tightly. These are very easy and comfortable to wear.

6. Corset belt

Corset belt
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Corset belts are very much in trend these days. These look very pretty and stylish on any outfit. Corset belts are basically very broad belts.

Corset belts are meant to cover your waistline. So, these are perfect if you just want a thinner waistline without going through the trouble of wearing a whole corset. These are very comfortable and easy to style.

You can wear a corset belt over any outfit be it a jeans top, dresses, skirts, etc.

How to Style Corsets

Now that you know different types of corsets, here are a few corset styling or corset outfit ideas for you!

1. With a white top or shirt

Styling an under-bust corset with a classic white top or shirt has always been a chic style idea. It looks stunning. You can pair the whole outfit with a pair of jeans or a pencil skirt or anything else of your choice.

This outfit is perfect for both a casual date night or outing and a formal event.

Styling an under-bust corset
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2. Wearing like corset

If you are confident enough to keep your body on exposing a little, then wearing a corset-like top is an amazing idea. It just looks very sexy and bold. It shows off how confident you are with your body.

Pair a corset with a pant or a skirt and some nice simple jewelry if you want.

Pair a corset with a pant or a skirt
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3. Go all denim

Another great idea is to go all denim. Wear a solid t-shirt with a nice pair of denim pants. Now, add a nice denim corset belt and layer your outfit with a denim jacket.

This outfit looks splendidly beautiful and out of the box. You can pair it with a pair of heels or shoes depending on your mood and your venue.

go all denim
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4. Classic Leather corset belt

Except for denim, corset belts come in many fabrics and styles such as a classic leather corset belt. All these are very stylish and it is always a good idea to use them to enhance your figure. Add a corset belt over any of your favorite outfits and it is going to change the entire look in a positive way.

You can add a corset belt over a t-shirt dress or a skirt and top or a shirt pant look. They all look fab when carried in style.

classic leather corset belt
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5. Go Casual

Looking for a casual yet absolutely gorgeous outfit idea for a date or an outing? If yes, then this one is perfect. We all own high waist denim these days and we all will agree on how classy they look.

So, all you need to do is combine these two classy outfits high waist jeans and a beautiful corset and style them up. Add a nice pair of heels to the outfit and we are sure that you will rock the day with your fashion statement. 

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