10 Best Places to Travel : Get Your Travel Game Ready

10 Best Places to Travel : Get Your Travel Game Ready

Best Places to Travel

2020 was a year of ups and downs, leaving us in dire need of hunting for places to travel in 2021. So, if wanderlust has hit you and you have been missing traveling for a while now, maybe it’s time to pack and hit the road while following all safety measures, of course.

Traveling has a lot to offer and even a quick getaway can leave you completely refreshed. 

So, if you have been looking for new places to begin your holidays, it’s time to check the list.

1. Big Sky, Montana

If you have been looking for a spot to ski, then the 5,800 acres of snow-laden land at Big Sky, Montana, is the best place to visit. The Big Sky Resort is an upcoming real estate project featuring an 11,000 square feet spa, in-ski and out-ski access, hiking and mountain biking trails. The resort will be ready for the ski season this year. 

Places to Travel

2. Lopez Island, Washington

Lopez Island brings a sense of serenity to its visitors. You can walk through the local farms or enjoy a quiet day on the rocky shores with salt water lapping at your feet. You can also feast on heritage meat, locally sourced and foraged produce, and artisanal baked goods.

3. Wyoming

The state parks of Wyoming are every nature lover’s favorite. You can walk the famous Continental Divide Trail, spend a day at the Grand Teton National Park or enjoy the largest rodeo at Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

4. The Black Hills Of South Dakota

An ideal place for people who love wildlife and historical sites is the Black Hills of South Dakota. There are numerous national parks that can pique one’s interest. The town of Deadwood and national monuments tell great stories. 

5. New Orleans

New Orleans is beautiful in every season. Even though this year’s Mardi Gras has been cancelled, you can enjoy endless cultural festivals in the city. Chloe is a brand new hotel that opened last fall, and it will offer you the charm of old and new.

6. Burlington, Vermont

To breathe fresh air in a city might seem like a distant dream, but it is not so in Burlington, Vermont. Get some local pickles, wines, and cheeses. You can also visit the Burlington Surf Club during warm weather and enjoy paddle-boarding and suntanning on the private beach.

7. Rhode Island

If you want to plan a seaside getaway, Rhode Island is the best spot. There are several new properties like The Way-finder Hotel, Preserve Sporting Club and Residences, and the Beatrice. These hotels offer amazing restaurants, boutiques, and many outdoor as well as indoor activities.

8. The Catskills

2 hours away from bustling Manhattan is the beautiful mountainous terrain of the Catskills. You can stay at the Shandaken Inn and go hiking or on the zip-line canopy tours. The Big Indian Wilderness forest preserve offers opportunities for swimming and trout fishing. 

9. The Rockies

The wilderness and scenic beauty of the Rockies are unparalleled. While there are activities like hiking, biking, and rock climbing to do, you can also take a ride on a glass-domed train through the forests. Skiers will love the Aspen Snowmass, and you can also visit the High Alpine Marketplace category.

10. Galena, Illinois

Galena is a 30 minutes drive from Dubuque, and it is steeped in history. 9 Civil War generals, including Ulysses S Grant, hailed from this town. When you visit Galena, you can walk into history museums, P.T. Murphy Magic Theater, and art galleries for some local talent.

Places to Travel

Final Words

Due to the pandemic last year, it is best to avoid crowds. So, it’s time to choose your pick of favorite holiday destination from the list. All of these places are great and definitely worth a visit.

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