Top 7 Beauty and Makeup Brands in Canada

Top 7 Beauty and Makeup Brands in Canada

Makeup Brands in Canada

Below is an updated list of the top Canadian cosmetics companies in 2023 for our daily makeup, best skincare, hair care essential oils and other body care products from local. manufacturers so you can buy at affordable prices without breaking the bank.

1. Lise Watier Cosmetics

Lise Watier Cosmetics For women who want to feel more confident, strong and beautiful, Watier is a leading beauty beacon, creating formulas that bring your unique beauty to life so you can own your personality.

Lis Vetier is a Canadian brand and in fact, many of their products contain Labrador Tea Extract, an anti-aging ingredient that can only be found in the boreal forest of Quebec, Canada.

Lise Watier Cosmetics Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm

 2. Nudestix cruelty-free cosmetics

NudeStix is ​​a beauty brand based in Toronto, ON. NudeStix began in 2014 specializing in selling vegan-powered makeup that enhances natural beauty. Nudesticks is a beauty store that has a variety of beautification products ranging from foundation concealer to lip, eye and face makeup and kits etc.

Nudestix is ​​your best choice, easy and effective if you’ve ever thought of wearing makeup effortlessly and glowing even when you don’t feel like it. It is cruelty-free and made with everyday natural ingredients that carry no risk of side effects.

Nudestix’s kit also comes with a pack of makeup crayons for those who choose to use them to outline for regular color or fill in brows, cheeks, lips, etc.

3. BITE Beauty Company

Canadian brand is Bite Beauty A. Bite Beauty Company deals in makeup products. This retailer blends healthy living and wellness with cosmetics, thus providing a range of natural lip products that are edible and free of sulfates and parables. It is a futuristic trend brought to the present.

Bite Beauty Company was founded in Toronto in 2011 by Susan Langmuir. Bite Beauty Company manufactures lipstick shades and other face care products primarily for makeup artists and the personal care community. In addition to the naturalness of Bite Beauty Company cosmetics, they are also made with super clean, food-grade vegan ingredients.

4. Deciem Beauty Company

Decim Beauty Company Providing cruelty-free and vegan makeup is at the heart of Decim as a corporate outfit and is some of the company’s core values. Decim Beauty Company was founded in 2013 by Brandon Truex and now has 3 successful subsidiaries including Hylamide, NIOD and The Ordinary with over 35 cosmetics stores across Canada.

The Decim Beauty Company brand prides itself on its uniqueness in the industry due to its uniqueness, quality products and services. In essence, it advances science-backed skincare innovative formulations and solutions Decim Beauty Company aims to advance functional beauty.

5. Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone beauty is never compromised in the production of vegan, cruelty-free lip glosses that are sustainable by nature. It aims to create cosmetics that are not only recyclable, but also refillable as it is an environmental and pocket-friendly approach to serve its teaming customers across the country.

The Canadian indigenous cosmetics brand was launched in 2016 by Jane Harper after leaving her seafood industry job at the time. As a beauty company, Cheekbone prides itself in producing liquid lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, highlight palettes and contours etc. that are fit for use after passing a series of lab tests under the supervision of its full-time chemist.

6. Rocky Mountain Soap Company

The Rocky Mountain Soap brand covers most areas of the beauty and wellness industry unlike its competitors listed above from face creams, soaps, powders, pancakes and other makeup and kits.

7. Cosmic Skincare

You’ve bought a complete package of skin-safe nutrition without any trace of harmful chemicals. When you buy a piece of Cosmic Skincare, their ingredients are derived from plant products with anti-aging properties while essential oils can be applied to acne-prone skin, the beard or face. 

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