Top 5 Countries with the Best Education Model – Extensive Analysis

Top 5 Countries with the Best Education Model – Extensive Analysis

Best Education Model

The global education system had gone for a toss during the initial days of the devastating pandemic. From the temporary closure of schools and colleges to educators losing their jobs, there were too many adversities to deal with. Apparently, according to reports, more than 1 billion children were at risk of falling behind due to school closures.  For example, someone in need of exploratory or college essay help had to rely solely on the digital archives.

The young souls were completely devoid of in-person communication. Cut to the chase, 2021 has seen some major improvements in terms of global academic institutions holding the fort during these trying times.

These days, many academic establishments around the world are trying to bring things back on track. However, there are five major countries that have brought some remarkable changes to the conventional education system. So much so, they are said to set examples for the rest of the nations. Eager to figure out the bigger picture?

Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. Finland

This came to me as a surprise as I was blown away by the fact how Finland has taken its education system to the top-notch position on so many levels. Wish to know what makes the country secure the top spot in the global ranking chart?

Here you go.

  • Finland offers free education to people unconditionally. Yes, you’ve read that right.
  • Reportedly, the country has been a top performer for every academic program for International Student Assessment Survey.
  • Also, Finland has shorter school days, and students are free to choose any academic avenue down the road.
  • The Finnish National Agency for Education endorses self-evaluation for both schools as well as educators.
  • This results in an overall improvement drive solely meant for ensuring start improvements across the entire Finnish education system.

2. Japan

Japan has maintained and secured the second position in the top education system chart, consecutively for three years. Now, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is surely an initiative and activity worth praising a thousand times.

However, if you are wondering what makes Japan one of the best education systems across the globe, take a look below.

  • The Japanese academic institutes focus on overall development, instead of merely focusing on theoretical insights and ground rules.
  • The government is said to set flexible standards for students as well as educators.
  • Most schools in and around Japan focus on cognitive improvements among students between the age of 5 to 14.
  • These are apparently the most crucial stages when it comes to the youngsters learning and honing life lessons and other survival hacks.

Now that the country tries and succeeds in maintaining academic standards this great, things are bound to fall into place for its residents.

3. South Korea

South Korea certainly gets a special mention if we are to talks about the five top countries with the best education system. From advanced education drives to allowing students to stay flexibly creative in their individual educational endeavours; South Korea offers a myriad of perks.

Here’s what makes the country secure the third position in the chart.

  • The Korean public education framework is divided into three parts.
  • These include six years of primary school, three years of middle school and three years of high school.
  • According to reports, South Korea is said to be one of the top-performing OECD countries in reading literacy, sciences and mathematics.
  • Moreover, the country is seen to invest in quality education, well-backed digitisation.
  • These include advancements in the form of online learning, video calls, distance learning programmes and more.

So, considering each of the aforementioned factors, South Korea seems to be one of the most progressive countries with a praiseworthy education system.

4. Denmark

Denmark has climbed up to the fourth position from eighth in the last couple of years. All credit goes to the government and of course the education board for making this country count among the top five names. Would you like to know what made this country one of the best names in offering a sustainable education system?

Take a look here.

  • The increased teacher-student ratio is said to be one of the contributing factors behind the nation’s progress in this context.
  • In addition, most schools and colleges around Denmark are said to offer student-friendly environments.
  • Also, the country is apparently investing in smart, online education in all forms and shapes.
  • As a result, Denmark s predicted to catch up with the trending affairs soon and gift its young residents an academically better tomorrow.
  • From online short courses to offering distance learning programmes; the country has progressed remarkably.

So, it seems there are certainly some strong reasons behind Denmark setting examples among all the majorly talked about countries with the best education system.

5. Russia

Even though Russia has made it to the fifth position of the chart, the country is equally appreciable for the immense effort it puts to facelift the education system. If you are eager to know how this country has managed to set an example with its sustainable education system, take a look here.

  • Russia is said to have an exemplary teacher-student ratio.
  • In numbers, it would result in 1 teacher to 9 students (approximately).
  • Guess what? Education in state-owned secondary schools is available absolutely for free.
  • Also, Russian universities hold a reputation for offering a wide range of progressive academic degrees across all fields.

To End With,

Thus, if we refer to this blog and consider the facts and figures it has to offer, education in these five countries is absolutely at par with the global standards. Having said that; other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, UAE and India aren’t lagging behind either.

They just need to focus more on a sustainably flexible education model just like these five paramount regions.


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