Top 5 Cloud Application Testing Tools You Should Know

Top 5 Cloud Application Testing Tools You Should Know

Cloud Application Testing

As the number of smartphone users is growing every year, the need for cloud application testing has also risen. In 2021, the number of smartphone users will be increased to 3.7 billion worldwide. Because of this, the demand for robust and user-friendly mobile apps is also rising. The developers have to work quickly to develop and deploy these apps within a short period of time. The next step is to provide regular updates to the apps. 

Due to this, the quality assurance team has to work on a tight schedule to debug and test these apps with complete accuracy. That’s when customizable cloud testing tools come in handy, which plays a crucial role in software testing. From small and medium businesses to large enterprises, everyone can utilize these tools. The price structure may vary tremendously. Let’s take a close look at top-5 cloud application testing tools, suited for testing software or apps:

  1. LoadStorm

One of the preferred cloud testing tools, LoadStorm is a cost-effective and customizable tool that can simulate multiple testing scenarios with ease. It enables QA engineers to perform analysis, record scripts, and provide complete control over the testing process. The cloud load testing from this tool is available for web or mobile applications. LoadStorm offers advanced reporting that provides a detailed analysis of the app’s performance under load. It comes with a free trial and is easy to use, which is ideal for checking performance under heavy traffic.

  1. Nessus

Nessus is a vulnerability scanner tool that QA experts use to detect vulnerabilities across firewalls, cloud infrastructure, and devices. It can detect cloud hosting threats like viruses, malware, backdoors, and web services linking to malicious content. Nessus also has a compliance-auditing tool for the healthcare and banking sector. The detailed report and bugs solution provided by Nessus can be sent via email to others.

  1. SOASTA Cloud Test

One of the best tools meant for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises, the SOASTA cloud test comes with a 30-day free trial. The free version has limited features though. The SOASTA cloud test tool allows four types of test automation on a single web platform. It includes web-based performance and functional testing, and mobile functional and performance testing. Cloud test tool simulates millions of concurrent users to test the mobile app product under a considerable load. It delivers real-time analytics to allow seamless integration with monitoring, testing, and reporting.

  1. AppPerfect

AppPerfect is a cloud-based software testing tool that allows cloud load testing, hosted testing, and security testing. This tool assists QA teams in testing web applications on different hardware, operating systems, and browsers. AppPerfect also allows:

  • Designing and documenting test scripts
  • Detailed reporting
  • Accessing and exporting test results
  • Distributed testing
  • Scheduling test execution over cloud environment
  1. Xamarin Test Cloud

Xamarin is one of the popular cloud-based user interface acceptance testing tools for mobile applications. The test cases written using this tool are in C# and Ruby language. You can run several test cases over multiple devices and capture screenshots of every step. By incorporating automated builds, the Xamarin test cloud can also perform continuous integration. 


Cloud computing can benefit your business by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Moreover, cloud testing can support your application or software product with bugs detection, improving performance, and much more. But to do so, you need a set of tools that fit your requirements. If you go with the in-house approach, it will cost you greater. The best option is to outsource testing services to a reliable QA partner. QASource utilizes the latest tools and methodologies to provide cutting-edge cloud testing services to its clients. If you are also looking for a seamless cloud application testing solution don’t waste much more time and, contact QASource now.

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