Know About Mount Everest Climb

Know About Mount Everest Climb

Mount Everest Climb

Mount Everest, also known as Sagarmatha (Nepali language) is the tallest peak in the world standing tall at 8848.86 meters. It is located in the border of Nepal and China and can be climbed from both South Col and North Col routes. Even a school kid knows the tallest peak and learned Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa were first to climb Everest on May 29, 1953. There are many people who grow up dreaming to climb Everest.  I was one of them and I will share my experience of summit day of Everest climb with you. I climbed with SummitClimb team and some friendly Sherpas. During the climb we had to go through camp 1, camp 2, camp 3, camp 4 and finally the summit of Everest.

Going to the summit: On summit day we had to wake up as early as possible. We had to start getting ready around 5am. We had to do all tasks like fill our water bottles, have breakfast, put on our clothes with oxygen bottles topped up and head torches with extra batteries. We had planned to set off for the summit at about 8 to 8:30 pm. We need to frequently change oxygen bottles as necessary. We would be climbing at night, up the slopes of Mount Everest above South Col that is Nepal side. At 8500 meters we need to change the oxygen bottle. The view will be amazing reaching the top face i.e. “Balcony”. After taking few hours to rest, our next destination was at 8750 meters. To reach there we need to keep going up the ridge and then we are finally in south summit of the Everest. We could see the “Hillary Step” crux of upper route guarding the Everest summit. A large 12 meters half block long row of rock gendarmes along the ridge is the Hillary Step. When 2015 earthquake occurred, lots of smaller rock gendarmes fell off. We will be checking our oxygen bottle once again before going Hillary Step. After we climb Hillary Step, we need to walk few meters. On doing so we are onto the summit of Mount Everest that is 8848.86 meters. The feeling of standing on top of the world with the clouds is amazing. We are proud of ourselves with daunting climb and the entire world below us. We can take as many photos and videos of one another as we can see views of Nepal and Tibet. The dream “I want to climb Mount Everest” just came true at that moment.

Moving down from the summit and descending from the base camp: We spent little time on top before we started to descend from the summit. To descend from the summit, we had to walk down to the South Col. There we had delicious dinner and lots of fluids. We were tired so we did take some rest as well. Next morning our target was to reach to camp 2 and from there directly to base camp, the following morning. After reaching to base camp our next destination was Lukla. It will take three days to reach Lukla from the base camp. we had two options from the base camp, either take a helicopter from the base camp or just trek.

There are altogether fourteen mountains that are above 8000 meter tall including Mount Everest. Some of them are K2, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Broad peak, Kangchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Shishapangma, Gasherbrum I and II and Nanga Parbat. Out of these K2 is the second tallest peak which is located in Pakistan. It is 8,611 meters tall and should be climbed between June and August.

Thank you infoforeks for publishing the content about my experience of climbing the tallest peak in the world.

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