Tired of Visiting Doctors for Getting the Best Treatment for Your Pain?

Tired of Visiting Doctors for Getting the Best Treatment for Your Pain?

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Searching for the best doctor to get the best treatment and getting relief from your joint pain, leg pain, or problem in the spine is very difficult and the most difficult part is the pain from which you need to go through one time, two times, or many times in a day. You can get the best joint pain specialist, leg pain treatment, and spine specialist in Staten island by Anagenesis that provides the best and specialist doctors for all your pain and have a great experience in their field. 

Before getting the treatment it is necessary to know about the joint pain, leg pain, spine to get a better understanding and take the right treatment. 

Joint pain and its causes

Joints are those parts of your body where two bones meet that allow the bone of the skeleton the movement. Our body joints include:

  • Elbow
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Hips

Joint pain can be defined as the aches, discomfort, and soreness in any joint of the body. Having joint pain is one of the common problems that every individual faces at the earliest stage. It does not typically need the hospital typically but in certain cases when the pain gets severe a person may feel the requirement of going to the hospital.

Causes of joint pain

Joint pain may sometimes be the result of the injury or illness but one of the common problems because of which joint pain happens is Arthritis. Other causes of joint pain are:

  • Gout
  • Infectious diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, etc.
  • Inflammation of cushioning pads around the joints.
  • Injection in the joint or bone
  • Overuse of a joint
  • Breakdown of the cartilage in the kneecap.
  • Cancer
  • Overuse of a joint

Need to see the doctor

In some situations you need to see the doctor are:

  • Swelling in the joint that occurs suddenly.
  • Pain persists for more than three days in continuation.
  • Experiencing severe joint pain.
  • The joint is completely immobile.

In these situations, you need to see the joint pain specialist in Staten Island get cures on time without doing many struggles.

Leg pain & causes

Leg pain occurs when nerves respond to stimuli such as high or low temperatures, high levels of pressure, and chemicals that can be released by tissue damage.

There is a variety of leg pain that may be caused by numbing, burning, dull, radiating, or aching. Leg pain can be sudden and for a short term or it can be chronic and persistent.

Causes of leg pain

There are causes due to which leg pain may occur are such as:

  • Neurological, musculoskeletal, or vascular stress.
  • Stress fractures, shin splints can result from repetitive sports.
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Sports injuries that used to build with time.

These are some of the causes of leg pain because there can be any other cause as well that will need the assistance of a doctor in the situation of severe pain. You can get the best leg pain treatment in Staten island by Anagenesis.

Spine problems

The spine is the support system of the whole body and having a problem in the spine affects you wholly there are many problems that can be faced by an individual are as follows:

  • Herniated disc: This problem arises when cushioning that disc gets shifted and bursting out of its casing. The spine is made up of bone that is called vertebrae and discs act as the cushion shifting of which results in a herniated disc. Symptom of this problem are:
  1. Back pain
  2. Tingling
  3. Pain in legs and arms
  4. Numbness

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  • Scoliosis: This problem refers to the abnormal bending of the spine or curvature. The condition can vary either it can be minor or severe. Some of the symptoms are as follows:
  1. Different heights of rib cages
  2. Leaning of the body from one side.
  3. Uneven shoulders
  4. The different posture of hips either on one side or both.

Along with all these symptoms scoliosis also leads to pinched nerves and causes pain in the back.

  • Muscle strain: Muscle strain is caused due to bad posture, stress, and overuse which leads the muscle around the spine to become tensed and strained.

The simplest way of curing this problem is to do stretching, muscle exercise, and maintaining the proper and healthy weight. This will help in avoiding muscle strain.

  • Osteoporosis: This is one of the most common problems that can be found in older adults. Which refers to the weakened bones because of the lower bone mass. weak bones in the spine become damaged and brittle that can lead to hunched posture, fractures, and collapsed vertebrae.
  • Sciatica: The sciatic is a nerve in the back that runs from the lower back to the legs. In the condition of sciatica, there is a feeling of numbness, pain, or weakness in the lower back that goes to the legs which results in the damage of the sciatic nerve.

Find the best spine specialist in Staten Island from Anagenesis who has experienced doctors.

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