The Top Things To Do OPn Your First Trip To Merida, Mexico

The Top Things To Do OPn Your First Trip To Merida, Mexico

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Merida is home to some of the colorful streets, modern architecture, historical and archaeological sites, beautiful churches, monumental principal avenues, music and events, cultural museums, and fantastic sites. Despite being a state capital, it is a popular tourist destination for travelers across the globe. 

If you are wondering about the fun and popular things to do on your first trip to Merida, read the following blog for an insightful view

Explore the sights at the Plaza Grande 

Merida’s Plaza Grande is one of the most gorgeous, charming, and beautiful attractions in Mexico. It is built on a central site and there are wide public parks, park benches, and historical buildings all around the site. The magnificent building features incredible arches, big halls, and classic decor and will take you to the ancient times when it was actually built. 

Being one of the popular plazas in Mexico, it attracts massive tourism throughout the year. While coming here, you can explore the crafts market on Sunday and enjoy live music while dancing till your belly gets hurt. 

Shop fair trade Mexican handicrafts at La Casa de Las Artesanías

If you are a true shopaholic, you have to visit the typical Mexican shopping sites for some beautiful handicrafts made by women, locals, and some other group of people. The shops are owned and operated by the Mexican government, and therefore, you have to pay the fixed price. The artisans produce products related to art, clothes and accessories, home and style, and jewelry.

Some of the famous boutiques in Mexico are Fabrica Social, Onora, Casa De Luna, Fonart, and Roma Quince. Here, you will find handcrafted designs with a mix of commercial trends developed on a large scale. From high-class boutiques to street-side vendors, you will find timeless and authentic products to shop. 

Go swimming in Cenotes

Swimming is probably the most refreshing and relaxing thing to do in Merida, a city of exquisite scenery and charming sites. During the summer season, there is nothing better than hiding from the sun and swimming in the cold water. Cenotes are natural swimming holes and a great source of water filtered by the earth. You can take a full-day trip which begins at 8:45 am. Besides this, you can also explore the city’s highly-rated tour, Airbnb Experience. 

It is a favorite spot for underwater photographers, and the swimming activity will provide the thrill and adventure with the clear aqua water. To experience a great time in Merida, you can make American Airlines reservations for yourself and your travel companions. 

Attend Merida’s Annual Festivals

Merida is a land of organizing some exciting and popular annual events which you can consider while planning a trip to Mexico. Here, January begins with a Merida Fest which is held for several weeks of the nightly fiestas. If you plan a trip during this time, don’t forget to be a part of the awesome festival. 

The upcoming festival in 2022 is going to be the largest celebration up till now because it will be Merida’s 500th birthday. The expected dates for planning the festival are from 2nd to 22nd January. In February, the city brings the Carnival when events are held at the Xmatkuil Fairgrounds along the Paseo de Montejo. The city provides free buses for transportation of the people from the center of the town. 

Go on a walking tour of the City

Merida is the most significant historic city and an excellent place for enjoying guided walking tours. Every morning there is a free historic tour departing from the Plaza Grande, offering a great insight into Merida’s history and culture. The free walking tour will be a great idea to have great knowledge about the famous attractions and sites all around Merida Centro. 

You can make Southwest Airlines Reservations and discover some of the famous Merida walking tours. It includes Merida street food walking tour, Cantinas walking tour with beer and snacks, Mike and Duck walking tour, guided walking tour, Chichen Itza, Private tour in Izamal magic town and the ancient mayon city, Day tour to the magical town of Izamal, Local market tour for a culinary experience, Full-Day Private tour discovering UXMAL with a certified tour, etc. 

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