Six Sigma Certification Courses – Everything You Need to Know

Six Sigma Certification Courses – Everything You Need to Know

Six Sigma is a term used by every business person. It is one of the most effective tools for improving business capability. There is high growth in the technology market. Six Sigma uses a quality-driven approach to business transformation. The six sigma course has different levels that teach various six sigma principles. There are different eligibility criteria and training provided at every level. The below paragraphs define about six sigma in detail.F

Sigma Certification Courses

About Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a collection of management techniques used by businesses to reduce errors and defects. It is primarily concerned with the quality of products and services. The result of the process leads to an increase in profitability and the morale of the individuals. Six Sigma is a statistical term used for calculating deviations from the mean. The American scientist Bill Smith invented this term while working in a company named Motorola. Business analysts use the graph model to define the six sigma model approach. It is used by every company that wants to use this quality-driven approach.

Different Six Sigma Levels

There are various levels of six sigma that aid in the process. Look at the levels in detail:

  • White belt

It is the basic step of six sigma certification levels. White belt engages the team members to do the needful organizational changes. It also assists them with local problem-solving teams handling different projects.

  • Yellow belt

Yellow belt members have the fundamental knowledge of six sigma. They help the team members complete the six sigma projects with process maps.

  • Green belt

It specializes and prepares the individual to follow the DMAIC approach.

  • Black belt

Black belts are the communicators between the project team and the company leaders. They are expertise in the field as they have depth knowledge of six sigma and helped complete the project.

  • Master Black belt

It is the highest level of six sigma certification, where an individual can work as a coach or consultant for black and green belt.

Six Sigma Methodologies

Six Sigma uses the two approaches for its quality-driven methods.DMAIC and DMADV are the two techniques used by the business.DMAIC uses data-driven techniques which focus on customer satisfaction by improving the existing products or services.DMADV uses a part of the design sigma technique. The main vision of the process is to design or re-design different product manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Six Sigma 

Six Sigma certifications help individuals and companies by providing various benefits to them. Some of the benefits of having certified six sigma professionals are:

  • It helps in improving the productivity of the organizations.
  • Reduces the costs of products by minimizing errors.
  • Minimizes the levels of errors by using different approaches in the organization.
  • Boosts the confidence of the employees by increasing the profitability of the businesses.
  • It brings new career opportunities for professionals who complete the six sigma certification.

Getting Six Sigma Certification

There is a high demand for six sigma courses, so certification will help to learn at every level. Many steps are available to get the six sigma certification. So following are the steps:

  • Choose the best training program in your area.
  • Decide on the belts you want to choose. There are different eligibility criteria for other six sigma belts.
  • After selecting the belt and completing the training program, apply for the certification exam. Clearing the exam will help in getting the certification.

Recommended Institute (Henry Harvin)

If you are thinking about joining the six sigma training program, Henry Harvin is one of the best options. In terms of six sigma certifications, the institute is at the top. Different levels of six sigma have different durations. Henry Harvin provides the gold membership, which helps to attend live classes, projects, internships, and placements. They also provide the certifications after completion of the course. Henry Harvin has the best trainer who guides the students at every level. Professionals can choose between live interactive and regular classroom sessions.


The above paragraph includes all the details about six sigma. So if you are thinking about learning six sigma, you can refer to various training programs. Six sigma provides the highest experience from the different projects in real life.

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